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If you are a woman, there is a big chance you like drinking coffee. And if you like travelling, there is an even bigger chance you like Italian coffee. Enjoying Italian coffee at home? The mission is possible! Here is how to do it. All you need is Italian coffee maker, a ‘moka pot’. It is very cheap (in comparison with all available on the market espresso machines for home use) and long-lasting tool for making coffee, well known in Europe. In Bulgaria we called it Cuban coffeemaker, I have no clue why! Even the Cubans were laughing at me when I told them! For them, like for the rest of the world, this is an Italian and only Italian invention.

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1-moka pot


So, let’s see how to make this strong and aromatic coffee with long-lasting taste.


Why make your coffee with Moka pot?

Here are few reasons:



This method of coffee preparation allows better extraction of all ingredients and makes the coffee taste really good.


The Moka maker lasts for decades; the coffee maker has a simple design but durable aluminium body and often it is used by the Italian families for few generations. Here’s how to replace the gasket – the only thing you will need to do for maintaining this simple but efficient coffee maker. 


The coffee made with moka pot is strong – you will not need more coffee take in the day to keep you running. In Sicily, people call the short strong coffee “café masculo”, i.e. man’s coffee.


There is a reason why all Italians make their coffee at home this way – it is a symbol of the family and spending a good time together. It is a lesson that we all can learn from them


2-using moka pot at home

Advises for real Italian experience:


Don’t use detergents to wash the Italian coffee maker, wash it only with hot water. Like that your coffee will have better taste with each coffee making. It is because of the layer of oily coffee that remains on the inside walls of your moka pot. It prevents the metal taste infiltrate the coffee liquid and it is known that the best coffee is made with the oldest moka pots… Although, there is another opinion on what is the right way to clean your Italian stovetop coffee maker. I personally wash my moka coffee maker with a soap once in 10 coffee makings or when I see that it became too oily. Never ever wash it in a dishwasher! Not because it will be damaged but its surface becomes so blemished that it is unpleasant to look at it. 


Chose carefully your coffee according to your taste but it should be ground specifically for this type of coffee maker. It means – little bit coarser than the coffee for espresso.


You can have a small coffee grinder at home. Like that your coffee will be always freshly ground and brewed.


When filling the filter, try not to fill it up to the rim and don’t press it. Despite that some people advice to press the ground coffee slightly, the extraction process is easier if you do not do that. Spread the coffee evenly in the filter before closing the pot.


3-making coffee with moka pot

How to make Italian coffee at home:


Brew your coffee on a low heat for better taste.


You have two options when brewing the coffee – to let the lid open or closed? There is no difference in the quality of the coffee. The only advantages to letting it open are that you will be easier to see when your coffee is ready and the smell of coffee will invade your home faster. But even if you don’t do that it will happen anyway!


It is very important to remove the moka maker from the stove before the coffee starts bubbling. If you do not do this the coffee will be over boiled and its aromas will be partially lost.


Before serving, mix the coffee in the moka pot.


The cups for moka coffee are usually thinner than those for espresso.


If you want to sense the real aroma of the coffee, learn to drink it without sugar. It’s good for your health and

for the quality of your coffee.


Consume immediately. If you let it for later the coffee will lose its taste and aroma.


4-making Italian coffee at home with moka pot


The first and most popular moka pot was produced by Bialetti in 1933 and since then it is a symbol of good quality and ever-lasting design.

Bear in mind that the aluminium moka post cannot be used on induction stoves, but on the market, there is enough choice to fit everybody’s needs – like a glass or self-heating moka pots.

Maintenance is easy too. From time to time, you will need to change the rubber seal and the filter but that’s all you need to do.


Do you make your coffee at home or you take it your preferred coffee house? If you do it at home, what method do you use? I would love to know your coffee secrets!


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  1. Love using a Moka Pot! I wish more people would use it. Such a perfect cup of coffee, thanks for sharing. Great blog.

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