Kasbah Tizimi Hotel Review – See Sahara Desert in Morocco

Kasbah Tizimi hotel

Why do people visit Morocco? One of the main reasons is to see the desert and to feel its enchantment. The Sahara Desert brings a special charm and sadness which many of us can not resist. In this respect when visiting Morocco, whether self-organized or organised trip you will most likely visit Merzouga. The place is famous for the highest dunes which can be seen in Morocco and is very popular among tourists. Not far from Merzouga you can find the hotel that I want to review today. Hotel Kasbah Tizimi is very good value for money option near to Sahara Dessert. 


Hotel Kasbah Tizimi Location

Merzouga sand dunes, Morocco

The hotel where we stayed and welcomed the New Year of 2014 is located 50 km from Merzouga, on the outskirts of the town of Erfoud. This town is famous as a former outpost of the French Foreign Legion, but nowadays there are no remaining signs of this adventurous period.

Structure and architecture

Hotel Kasbah Tizimi-entrance

The hotel’s architecture is typical of Morocco. The traditional material used for the construction of “ksar” and “kasbah” is adobe, and the very structure of the hotel building follows the inner courtyards around which were built two floors with rooms. “Kasbah” means “fortress” and the hotel reflects exactly this idea but in a very subdued and pleasant way. Another example of the traditionally built hotel is Kasbah Zitoune in Ouarzazate

Hotel Rooms

The rooms, although its adobe walls painted white, offer all the basic amenities you need. Like all built in the traditional style hotels in Morocco, the main impression of the place is about rough construction and hard surfaces. Coffee table and two armchairs in the middle of the room make for extra comfort. The bathroom was clean, but also basic and it’s better you bring your own cosmetics. The windows offer views of the dusty palm trees outside and at the evening at front of your room will be lighted lamps in Moroccan style to guide you in the dark.



Restaurant Kasbah Tizimi

There is relatively large choice for breakfast. In Morocco pastry is something that you shouldn’t omit and is included in the morning menus in every hotel or guest house where you will stay. The restaurant offers a traditional menu with various tajine and couscous dishes and local wine. The staff is friendly.

Hotel Facilities

The most pleasant place in the hotel is the pool area. Around the pool, there are deck chairs and garden tables with iron chairs arranged so that you can drink your tea while you work on your computer, for example. I tell you this because internet connection is only available in this part of the hotel.

Services at Kasbah Tizimi

Any additional services in hotel “Kasbah Tizimi” are organised by Mohammed. I call him “concierge” as he cares about all the entertainments for the hotel guests.   He was our guide during the visit of Sahara desert, which I wrote about in the publication Photo reportage from a day in the Sahara.



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 I strongly recommend you to take advantage of his services. He will show you routes passing through the villages of the Bedouins in the desert and will answer all of your questions (which you will definitely want to ask him) with a smile and patience. We liked him very much and felt as we leave an old friend when was time to quit the hotel. Just ask for Mohammed and you will not regret! And it is very likely that he welcomes you when you arrive at the hotel entrance the first day. You’ll recognise him by his blue jellaba (long traditional men’s garment) and white shesh wrapped like a turban on his head.

Hotel Kasbah Tizimi - outdoors

Hotel Kasbah Tizimi – outdoors

Hotel Kasbah Tizimi - at night

Hotel Kasbah Tizimi – at night


Hotel Kasbah Tizimi-the pool

Hotel Kasbah Tizimi-the pool

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