Say Hello to Napoleon – Visit La Prairie de la Rencontre

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One place that many French people like is La Prairie de la Rencontre. It represents point and very emotional moment from the French history and it is remarked by a horseback statue of the Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte. La Prairie de la Rencontre is part of Route Napoleon

“If there is any man amongst you who wishes to kill his emperor, here I am.” – Napoleon Bonaparte

These are the words that Napoleon Bonaparte addressed to the king’s Louis the 18th troops on his way back to Paris after his 9 months exile on the Isle of Elba. With these words, he wins the battle before starting it and here the famous Hundred days begin. It is just a glimpse of history that describes in a simple but perfect way the incredible power of Napoleon’s charisma and his ability to motivate and influence the people.


But why I recommend you to stop by this place? Maybe you are not fascinated by the life story and achievements of Napoleon Bonaparte (which is almost impossible in my opinion!) but the place is very beautiful and gives you perfect view to the lake Grand Lac de Laffrey. It is perfect for picnicking and enjoying the sunshine.


La Prairie de la Rencontre is one of the many out-of-the-beaten-path places you can see in the south of France, where the true culture of this country can be revealed. Far from the too popular but without doubt very romantic Paris, this place is a symbol of a significant period of the French history. 



Nearby Grenoble, check the map for more details. 


if you wish to stay longer around:


Camping Napoleon opened from 1st June to 15th September

Camping Au Pre du Lac

Camping Ser Sirant 

Hotels:  Hotel Restaurant du Grand Lac 

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