Late Summer Style Outfit for Travelling Women

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Love when the summer is almost over in Bulgaria. Early September is the best time to be here. The hot days are gone but the sun is still strong and gives you a lot of energy. This is an idea for a late summer style outfit that you can wear while travelling. Simple but elegant, and easily changeable with just one accessory, you can use it, again and again, to make your travel style not only comfortable but also look effortlessly chic. 

I have been busy lately with organizing my blog, planning future trips and blogging activities and to be honest, didn’t travel much in the last two months. This, however, will change for good.


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As Robin Sharma says, the change is hard at the beginning, messy in the middle and best at the end. I guess I’m in the middle and everything around me is such a mess.


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Yesterday, after some awfully grey rainy days we had beautiful sunny Sunday here in Sofia. With one of my friends we often take a Sunday afternoon walks in the central part Sofia, a city full of beauty and surprises. It is one of the underrated destinations in Eastern Europe and so much easy to travel and really affordable. But I see more and more foreigners realize that and now I hear many different languages on the streets. It is always intriguing to meet travellers from faraway countries and as I am one of their crowds I am always curious about where they are coming from and what journeys they did.




The warm weather in Sofia is allowing me to still use some summer outfits but combining them with closed shoes and scarves. I chose a classic combination of black jeans and white top for our walk around the Rotunda Saint George, the oldest church and main landmark of Sofia.


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The jeans and comfy sneakers are my favourite outfit elements for travel as well. As I like to stay stylish while travelling, as much as possible, the flat but not too flat shoes are essential for me. The ballerina shoes are not my favourite. They are too flat and damage my feet when I need to walk long hours. But the sneakers provide decent support and protection.


late summer style outfit for travelling women


This outfit helps me realize that fall is coming, but just not yet. Summer colours are out but the dark fall colours are still not arrived. So let’s enjoy those gorgeous late summer days!




What is your favourite style for late summer days? 

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