10 Reasons to Go on a Malta Summer Vacation


Summer vacation in Malta? Hm, Why Malta, I hear you sayingAs travellers eternally seeking new experiences, we are all on the lookout for new, beautiful and unique places to visit. Often we wonder why we have not thought of this destination and why we did not visit it before. We are listening to the exalted descriptions of our friends and we think they are using cliched phrases …. Until we go and see with our own eyes that the destination is so delightful and memorable as our friends made us believe.


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This is the case with Malta and me. I have not yet visited it. Perhaps because it is too close to home, because I have heard too much about it and because I always think I’ll have another opportunity. But this time I sat down and did my research. And here are my 10 reasons why summer vacation in Malta is a great way to spend some totally carefree free time, enjoying the warmth of this Mediterranean island-country.

Mediterranean Charm

As Lonely Planet describes the country, Malta is Mediterranean cocktail with its Roman Catholicism, Arabic sounding language, Sicilian food, rocky coastline and beautiful beaches. In past times, Malta was considered as a strategic point in controlling the Mediterranean Sea. That’s why many cultures left their marks here. 


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Malta’s UNESCO Sites

There are three UNESCO World Heritage Cultural sites in Malta.  They are all connected with the long history and diverse culture of the islands. Probably the easiest to visit and most interesting of them is the city of Valletta.

La Valletta

Valletta– the small capital of Malta contains a lot of tourist treasures: St John’s Co-Cathedral, Grand Master’s Palace, baroque architecture, the National Museum of Fine Arts, Casa Rocca Piccola, good restaurants and vivid nightlife.


La Valletta - malta summer vacation

Malta’s Eclectic Cuisine

The eclectic mix of Mediterranean food includes fish pies, rabbit stew, Maltese ratatouille, sweet kannoli (I assume they are a lot like the Sicilian ones, yummy!)… Do you need another reason to visit Malta?!



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Read more about in this article: An Introduction to the Maltese Food 

Wine Varieties 

I haven’t taste Maltese wine yet! It is said that there are more than worth trying as are winning accolades in recognized wine countries like France and Italy. There are also local varieties like Gellewza and Ghirghentina.

Golden Beaches

Beaches range from golden to red sands, for windsurfing and calm sunbathing, small in sizes but rocky and picturesque. Those beautiful sandy rocks contrasting with the clear blue water of the Mediterranean Sea are just perfect for photography lovers.  


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Malta Summer Vacation Options

Relax – there are two resorts for spending your Malta holidays – Mellieha Bay and Bugibba.  All inclusive options are best, in my opinion, for organizing and spending a free-of-stress vacation. From the resorts, you can easily do day trips to some of the best sites to satisfy your culture-history appetites.  


As women, we all love shopping. In Malta, the store assortment of souvenir and gift shops includes silver jewellery crosses and beautiful glass work. Let’s not forget the open-air market culture. It is widely spread in all Mediterranean countries and Malta is no exception.

Maltese Climate

Malta is perfect for year-round visits. Even in winter the temperatures rarely fell below 10◦ C.


Gozo Island is a place that will bring you back in time. Wandering on the island, you can see the sea from everywhere you go. Comino Island is lovely with its tranquillity and isolation. 


Malta summer vacation

Comino Island

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If I haven’t been enough convincing, maybe these 20 Cool Things to Do in Malta will do a better job. 


Be curious, be inspired! 


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6 Comments on “10 Reasons to Go on a Malta Summer Vacation

  1. Hi Geri, great post! If you decide to make your way to Malta for a trip at some point I’d be happy to help you prep your discovery! (I’m a local!)

  2. I’m currently planning a trip to Malta, though not in the summer: way to hot for me. I’m actually going in January, where it should be pleasantly mild (compared to England) and if it rains, ah well – I’m used to it living in the UK. Looking forward to seeing all three UNESCO sites, actually staying in Valletta – it looks fabulous, and your blog has convinced me I’m doing the right thing by going! Thank you and I hope you get there this year too!

  3. As someone who has travelled to Malta solo, I can confirm that yes it should be your next summer vacation. Don’t go right in the middle of summer tho…too hot. Even those who live there would tell you that. I went in May and the weather was absolutely perfect. Low to mid twenties every day…always that sea breeze, barely any rain, and its warm into the night. It’s so small yet there is so much to do, you could never get bored. I met some great people there who have impacted my life and I can say its the best thing I ever did for myself. It was my first solo vacation too.

    • It’s great when a trip changes your life, in a positive way. Thanks for the tips! I didn’t plan yet my visit, probably will be next year. Happy travels, Erin!

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