Mauritius Is More Than Beaches and Luxury Hotels

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Mauritius Is Multicultural, Multiethnic, Multi-religious and Multilingual

There are places on Earth that for the ordinary traveler seem impossible to reach either because they are not easily accessible or too expensive to travel to. Mauritius is one of these destinations that look almost unreal, as they exist in another physical dimension. Like many places that have given the meaning of the word “paradise”, Mauritius is the prototype of Heaven.

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Mauritius is ‘Multi’ in Everything

As a consequence of the Dutch, French and British protectorates established in Mauritius during the past centuries, Mauritius is a multicultural country with a colorful community. The Mauritians speak many Languages but English is the officially used language by the government. Still, the most commonly used in informal communication are the Mauritian Creole and the French languages.

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Mauritian Cuisine

As a natural consequence of the multicultural diversity, the food in Mauritius is a child from a love affair between French, Creole, Chinese and Indian cuisines. Some dishes are uniquely created on the island and include a large variety of spices.

UNESCO Heritage Sites

Mauritius has two UNESCO sites – Aapravasi Ghat and Le Morne Cultural Landscape. Both are connected with the history of indentured laborers and slaves that helped to create, by own will or not, the prosperity of this island.

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Active Holidays

Lying on the beach all day is not for me! If you like to be active during your holidays, Mauritius is an intriguing destination to do that. Between dolphin watching, kitesurf, diving, golfing, nature treks, helicopter tours, rock climbing, sea karting, sea kayaking, water skiing, and parasailing, you can spend your time on the island incredibly well.


For the Architecture & History Lovers  

It seems that the Mauritius have good sightseeing options for the architecture and history lovers too. Eureka is one of the places I would love to visit. The Creole House, a colonial house converted into a museum and the extensive gardens with many waterfalls scattered around, seem like another piece of Heaven that can be found on Mauritius Island.

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Spa & Wellness 

Combine your beach vacation with the spa and wellness treatments. On Mauritius, you can have it all – Balinese massages, wellbeing Chinese sanctuaries, and Ayurvedic spas.

Map of Mauritius – Where Why to Go

Go to the East coast of Mauritius if you want to see some of the most beautiful beaches and lagoons on Earth. Check for Belle Mare, Roches Noires and Poste Lafayette beaches. As a bonus, visit one of the Mauritius’ largest open-air markets in the small village of Flacq.

If you are more about the sea, sailing and love places like botanical gardens, the North is the right place for you. Here you will find the picturesque village of Cap Malheureux. The Grand Bay is the premier tourist destination of Mauritius and it is known as a starting point of nautical trips but also for its nightlife and good choice of restaurants.

The South and the South-East part of the country are for the wild nature lovers. Go to the south for the wildest and most beautiful beaches and magnificent vistas to the mountains. Here, in Mahebourg, you can visit the National History Museum and the Nature Reserve Ile aux Aigrettes where you can see giant tortoises and pink pigeons.

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While visiting the West and South-West parts of Mauritius you may think you are in the African bush. These are the driest parts of the country but are well known among the surfers and kayakers. Le Morne and Tamarin Bay have the best waves for surfing while the Black River Gorges (and the different national parks your will find there) are best for walks in a spectacular environment.

I know you probably would travel to Mauritius for the beaches but there are some places not to miss inland as well. The Tea Route is something that provokes curiosity. And the variety of small, family owned restaurants in the center of Chamarel Village is definitely a place to sample the richness of the local cuisine.

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Additional Incentives to Visit Mauritius:

The citizens of many countries do not need a visa to travel to Mauritius; Bulgarians included!

Reaching the Mauritius Island is relatively easy. AirFrance has direct flights from Paris. You can combine your trip and experience some of these 10 less touristy things to do in Paris.

When on the island, you should know that taking the bus is the most economical way to travel around. It seems that since 2005 the buses in Mauritius are free for the students and seniors. Although I couldn’t find a link that confirms this information, it is worthwhile asking before buying a ticket!


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I’m totally hooked! I will plan my trip as soon as possible! Would you like to visit Mauritius in 2017?



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