Mix and Match Travel Wardrobe for Every Season

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 Do you want to look fashionable without carrying voluminous and heavy luggage? I hear you saying: Yes! The secret to making this happen every single time when packing for another trip is to use the mix and match rule. It’s not difficult to create mix and match travel wardrobe. The only thing you need to do is to combine different items that are interchangeable in a style and colours.

Mix and Match Travel Outfit for Spring


Can you find a better fashion theme than ‘Spring Florals’ for your spring mix and match travel combo? I guess it’s not possible. Flowers give us the whole spectre of colours and textures we need to feel refreshingly awake after the long winter. Use the example below and make your own spring combination. I know you can’t wait to go on this spring trip you were waiting for so long!

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Mix and Match Travel Outfit for Summer


To pack for travel in summer is the easiest thing in the world, right? You need just a few pieces of clothes and they are all so light weighted! But … there are so many options for colours and styles! How to create a set of clothes that can be combined easily and look great together? You can start by choosing the main colours of your set.


Late Summer Style Outfit for Travelling Women


Then, select the centrepiece around which you will create your set. Whether it will be a white summer dress or denim shorts, you can play with colours and materials that harmonise with the main item in your set.

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Mix and Match Travel Outfit for Autumn


My favourite clothing pieces for autumn travel are the black leather jacket and a pair of comfortable but fancy sneakers. What are yours?



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If you want to be in tune with autumn, consider using warm colours for your autumn mix and match travel set. Best are the pumpkin and red or Burgundy colours. In case that your skin tone doesn’t fit well with these tints, you can’t go wrong with earth or dark beige, yellow and white/black combinations. These colours not only look very natural but also are classic – meaning you can combine them with almost everything.



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Mix and Match Travel Wardrobe for Winter


Winter travel can be a lot of fun! You can learn how to dress like a Russian in winter or, if you are lucky enough, to have a ride with the Santa’s deers. It’s all depends on your adventurous spirit.


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As for the travel fashion style, play with the basics but add some glitter. Your parka can be a statement and centrepiece of your winter travel outfit set and grey is always good for combining with different colours. For winter, your main goal should be warmth and comfort of your clothes and just after that is coming to the style. Never forget to put something more enchanting for the nights out. Tulle skirts are not a bad idea because you can wear them with warm, thick tights.

If sometimes you struggle to make choice what clothes to pack in order to be well dressed but not to go overboard with luggage weight, you can always use one-piece statement jewellery to spruce your travel outfits.


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And never forget that the authenticity is your most beautiful wear, as Coco Chanel herself has said:



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