What It Is to Visit Montmartre in Paris – Story in Photos

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Montmartre is the place with the most artistic Parisienne feel. Despite the many tourists that wander the streets around, the atmosphere of the old times when some (now) famous painters have lived and worked on the hill can be felt today. But if you listen to the Charles Aznavour’s song ‘La Boheme’, the bohemian spirit of Montmartre is long gone …

But is it really over the time of the artists and bohemians, people who knew how to create and enjoy life. Let’s see!  


At Montmartre, you will find yourself among people from many different nationalities and cultures, united by the love for art. Among the artists there is such a wide variety in style and appearance as different as are their fans.


Around the improvised artist site, there is a frame of tables. Those of you who are not feeling timid between the ever-moving crowds can sit to enjoy the view over coffee or a glass of wine.


 You will meet interesting personages. If you like people watching, this is a place for you. The variety of original styles of painting was transferred to the artists’ personalities. Or rather it is the opposite.


Some restaurants and cafes work at this place for more than a century. Well, their prices are proportional to the years of their history.


You will be able to observe the creation of art and enjoy some beautiful faces. Those siblings were very kind and allowed me to photograph them.


You will wonder how it’s possible to live in such cacophony, even if it’s the center of the world famous Montmartre and despite the pleasant façade?!


At Montmartre, you will find art in many different forms.



You will fall in love with the works of at least one artist. I was in awe of these cat paintings that this talented artist has painted in monochromatic colors. Only the eyes of the cats were in color and looked so realistic! 


As I said, you will come across special personages!


Can you imagine one of the prostitutes from Monet and Picasso’s time looking out of the window framed by ivy? She probably just woke up after a long night out.


You will mix with the crowd, walking in the footsteps of famous bohemians and artists from the 19th century. 


You will also meet some modern aesthetes – fashion bloggers using Montmartre as a photo shoot background. 


You will want to slip in a small restaurant to try the food. My advice is if the authentic atmosphere is not important for you, go out of the Montmartre’s tourist circle, and have a lunch with an equally delicious food but at half price.


You will meet the gypsies too. If you notice these women offering services unclear in nature, don’t pay attention to them. Ignore them and take care for your purse! If you try to photograph them, you will see them vanishing from your sight in seconds.


You will be watching and people will be watching at you. Montmartre is a place where people watching is inevitable. 


At Montmartre, you can buy posters, postcards, and other vintage style items.


Apparently, dark green is the color of Montmartre.


Some of the streets around Montmartre have a matchless and timeless charm.


Surprisingly, in the middle of the neighborhood, you will find a vineyard. They say the wine made here is very good!


You can laugh to tears in Cabaret Lapin Agile, but only if you are fluent in French. This cabaret exists since 1860 and became popular with the eponymous painting by Pablo Picasso At the Lapin Agile.




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  1. Montmatre is a place of inspiration. And, yes, I agree with you, it’s not the bohemian quarter it used to be, but sure still has its charm. I revisited Paris this summer – and Montmatre and I can only keep enjoying it. Surely it is quite different compared to when I first visited Paris in 1979 I believe it was. Great photos that captures the spirit of Montmatre.

    • Thank you! I really loved the place and believe that it is one of the most interesting places in Paris that everyone should visit at least once in a lifetime.

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