How to Make Moroccan Mint Tea at Home

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This is the recipe for traditional Moroccan mint tea that you can do at home. Its taste and aroma will bring you to Morocco and you will imagine yourselves with Moroccan leather slippers ‘Babush’ on your feet enjoying the coolness coming from the fountain in the riad’s courtyard (riad – courtyard house in which the whole household is organized around the courtyard in the centre of the building). 


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This tea is a very important part of the Moroccan culture of hospitality. In the past, the tea was prepared on a special tea ceremony in front of the guests’ eyes, which is time-consuming. Today things are more simple, but the tea remains to be the favourite drink of all Moroccans and they consume it several times a day. It became my favourite too and in fact, it is very refreshing because of the mint leaves.


Here’s what you need for Moroccan mint tea:

– Green loose tea- 2 teaspoons for 1 cup

– Fresh peppermint leaves – 2 bunches 

– Sugar (generally the traditional tea is sweetened, but I drink it without sugar, so to taste better the other ingredients)



Preparation of Moroccan mint tea: 

To prepare the tea, you must boil water in the kettle, after to put it aside from the heat and to add the green tea and the fresh mint leaves. Once you let it for around 3 to 5 minutes (not more in order not to make it too strong, as the green tea has caffeine) you can serve it. Pour the tea into beautifully coloured Moroccan-style glasses and decorate the tea with peppermint leaves.


How to serve the Moroccan mint tea: 

The perfect addition to this drink are the traditional Moroccan homemade pastries (my favourites are the Gazelle Horns), but every kind of sweets such as Turkish will fit the taste. Just be sure that the cakes are not too sweet and it is preferable to be dry. 




Have a pleasant tea time with friends and family!! Do not forget to share the fun!.  And if you have your version of this tea I will glad if you share it!


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  1. Thank you for the recipe! I have been wondering if I did correctly all this time 🙂 Same as you, I also don’t drink it with sugar 😉

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