20 Moroccan Riads for a Romantic Getaway

best romantic riads in Morocco
I guess there is no need of convincing you why you should visit Morocco. Places like Marrakech don’t need an introduction. The country has a unique culture and is a favourite of many travellers. However, one of the best things about Morocco is hidden in the refreshing shadows of its riads. The Moroccan riads are a centuries-old traditional accommodation and have this fairytale-like feel that transfers you almost into another dimension. Stay in a Moroccan riad for a romantic getaway trip with your love ! 


During my trip to Morocco several years ago, I stayed in two riads. One was in Marrakech, and the other one in Meknes. The two had the same concept, but in fact, were so different. The first one, Riad Zayane, was a business, with its friendly, helpful and almost invisible staff. The second, Riad Lola Halima, indeed quirkier, was managed like a guest house – the owners were living in and serving the breakfast. The riad in Marrakech had better rooms and facilities. But the one in Meknes, although a bit outdated, offered more authenticity. Both featured outstanding Moroccan hospitality. 


The Quintessential Moroccan Romantic Getaway Stay


If you are looking for a place to visit as a couple and what to have quality time with your love, go to Morocco. And while discovering the country, try staying in riads as often as you can. The riads are indeed the quintessentially Moroccan experience. They offer a peaceful environment that brings an inner peace in the hyperactive modern mind. In a riad, it is easy to relax and focus on what is important – the connection with your husband or partner. Morocco is without a doubt, one of the best destinations for couples travels


riads accommodation in Marrakech

Riad Palais Sebban – photo booking.com

What Are the Riads? 

Riad – a traditional Moroccan house or palace with an interior garden or courtyard

But first, what are the riads? Riad is a traditional house, usually in the medina, which most characteristic feature is its courtyard. The courtyard is a necessity in Morocco. With the summer heat and the Muslim lifestyle, it is crucial for a family to have a courtyard. It is where the family members can gather together and the women can feel comfortable far from strangers’ eyes.


riads in Morocco for romantic getaway


Often these courtyards are transformed in gardens and it’s unbelievable how refreshing they can be. You can hear the water trickling from the fountain in the middle, the birds singing between the branches and just can’t believe what your eyes are seeing. And what you are seeing is a little jungle in the heart of a house.


best Moroccan riads in Meknes



My Stay in Riad Lola Halima in Meknes


As travellers, we constantly seek unique experiences. Riad Lola Halima in Meknes is one of those places that gives you access to the local community and offers more personal connection. 

The house was like a colourful maze. Shadowy corners hiding Moroccan lanterns, old wooden furniture, staircases, corridors and inner garden make the place feel cosy and mysterious. It looks like the silence rules here. 


breakfast at riad lola halima meknes

Riad Lola Halima Meknes

Breakfast time in Riad Lola Halima was the best time of the day! Served in the courtyard, table facing the amazing jungle-like garden, the food was homemade and hearty. Freshly baked beghrir (pancakes), strong coffee, juicy dates, homemade butter and aromatic jam were a pleasure to taste with every bite.

Here you can read more about Meknes and why it is worth visiting. 


My Stay in Riad Zayane in Marrakech

Riad Zayane is located in the old medina of Marrakech. The place is difficult to find, so ask details from the guest house prior to your arrival. The house can be reached only on foot, so you have to carry your luggage and to leave your car in the nearby parking lot. 

The whole place has a feel of an oasis. My room was spacious and it had a seating area in the alcove on the balcony decorated with beautifully carved wooden shutters. The restaurant is in the courtyard, just next to the tropical-blue fountain. The food was good with a different menu each day of the week. 


riad zayane marrakech room

riad Zayane Marrakech rooms

Additional Services

The Riad Zayane offers an airport shuttle. Check with them for recent prices.  If you wish to have more freedom with sightseeing, ask the staff for a tour guide-driver with a car. It is often the best option if you don’t join a tour group and don’t want to drive in the hectic traffic of Marrakech. 


Riad Zayane Marrakech


List of 18 More Riads in Morocco for Your Romantic Getaway


Photos: booking.com

best riads in marrakech

Riad Palais Sebban, Marrakech

Offers airport shuttle, comfortable beds, great location (5 minutes walk from El Fna Square) and buffet breakfast. The riad also has parking, swimming pool, spa centre and free Wi-Fi. Book here


Riad Rafaele Marrakech

Riad Rafaele, Marrakech

This riad is located along the ancient city wall and features a pool, hammam and a library! The rooms are airconditioned and you have free Wi-Fi included. The place is highly recommended by couples travelling to Marrakech and it is also the best value for money riad in the city. Check it out


Best location riads in Marrakech

Riad Alwachma, Marrakech

This riad is rated as Great for Two Travellers and has a terrace with views to the Atlas Mountains and the Koutoubia Mosque. Continental breakfast is served every morning but you can have traditional Moroccan food upon request. In addition to the massage room and the hammam, the riad also has one of the best locations. Have a look now


riad villa wenge spa best of riads in marrakech

Riad Villa Wenge Spa, Marrakech

This beautiful riad is just 2 minutes walk from Jamaâ El Fna Square. Features contemporary Moroccan setting, bright-coloured rooms and an amazing terrace with spa. Food is made with local fresh produce and there is a wellness centre for your relaxation time. Enjoy it!


riad adika marrakech

Riad Adika, Marrakech

Riad Adika has modern yet Moroccan styling, with the traditional fountain in the middle of the courtyard and an indoor pool. Several sunbathing and relaxation spots are arranged around the building and the hammam and spa also available on premises. More about it here


riad R.K. Marrakech

Riad R.K, Marrakech

Some of the rooms of this riad have a patio, others a terrace. There are indoor and outdoor swimming pools as well as a wellness and spa centre. Guests say that breakfast is excellent and the rooms are big and clean.  Find your room


riad abracadabra marrakech

Riad Abracadabra, Marrakech

Can you imagine yourself relaxing in the hammocks and lounges around the rooftop pool? Would you like the enjoy Moroccan and Spanish cuisine? And if the 24-hour front desk is important to you, this is your riad to stay in Marrakech. See more here


riad olema et spa marrakech

Riad Olema et Spa, Marrakech

This is riad has all the good features of the traditional Moroccan guest house – beautiful architecture and interiors, many places to sit and enjoy the moment, swimming pool, a bar, airport transfer but also sauna, steam bath and a hot tub. See availability here

Riad Carina Marrakech

Riad Carina, Marrakech

This riad is different from the others with its Berber Style interiors. Here you will find less sophistication but more colours with the warm red and yellow being the most common. According to the reviews, it has also a very good coffee! Check prices


riad le rihani marrakech

Riad Le Rihani, Marrakech

Guests that stayed here said that this place has amazingly comfortable beds! Now, that’s an important feature if we want to well rested and have plenty of energy to explore Marrakech! In addition, Riad Le Rihani has parking (something that most of the riads lack) and it is located in the heart of Marrakech. Check the room options



Riad Dor meknes

Riad D’or, Meknes

This is a beautiful riad in the heart of the Medina of Meknes. Its historical building was built in 1791 and restored recently. Here as well you will find a pool, airport shuttle services and a good Continental breakfast. The riad has a good choice of rooms for two, including a studio with balcony and a superior double room. See them here


riad Ritaj Meknes

Riad Ritaj, Meknes

Situated in the best are in Meknes, this riad has a grandiose feeling with its rich decoration and several levels. Services include entertainment, groceries delivery, even golfing nearby. Have a look at this riad in Meknes


Riad Hiba Meknes

Riad Hiba, Meknes

This riad doesn’t hide its traditional Moroccan beauty with an exuberance of vibrant colours, patterns, and traditional materials. It can be overwhelming but so seducing too! Located in a good location for exploring Meknes’ old town, it offers also traditional cuisine in its restaurant and many lounges for relaxation. Book a room at Riad Hiba


Riad Hamdani

Riad Hamdani, Casablanca

This riad is just 5 minutes drive from the airport and service includes pick-up and drop-off if requested. The rooms and bathrooms are large and the breakfast good. In addition, you can enjoy the beautiful garden when it’s time to relax. Book this riad here


Riad Haj Palace et Spa Fes Morocco

Riad Haj Palace et Spa, Fes

People like this riad in Fes for its clean rooms, helpful staff and great location. The free Wi-Fi throughout the property and the airport shuttle services are also important for the guests. The riad is decorated, as many of the riads, in traditional Moroccan style. Breakfast is Continental and there is also a traditional restaurant in. Check the availability here


Riad Al Makan Fes

Riad Al Makan, Fes

Riad Al Makan in located in the of Medina in Fes and offers a wonderful view from its rooftop terrace. According to guests, it is easy to access as it is at the beginning of the Medina. There is a parking nearby available at additional charge. Staff is friendly and very helpful with organizing tours and additional activities. Have a look at this riad


Riad Cherifa Chefchaouene

Riad Cherifa, Chefchaouene 

This riad offers one of the best accommodation’s locations in Chefchaouene, and its rooms and lounges are well-decorated. You can enjoy the sun terrace when you are not exploring the stunning streets of the blue city. Rooms are equipped with a flat TV screen and private, Moroccan-style, bathroom. Check the room options here


Riad Zaitouna Chaouen , Chefchaouene Morocco

Riad Zaitouna Chaouen, Chefchaouene 

Some of the rooms in this riad in Chefchaouene boast amazing mountain views! Offering one of the best value accommodations that you can get for your money here, the riad has comfortable rooms with free Wi-Fi and flat tv Screens, private bathrooms and air conditioning. Book your room with a view here



Travelling as a couple is a great way to bond with your loved one; to spend some quality time and create long-lasting pleasant memories. Morocco is a destination that both men and women enjoy and staying in a riad is the ultimate Moroccan experience. Enjoy the well-renowned Moroccan hospitality by choosing one (or more) of the numerous stunning traditional riads!



20 Moroccan Riads for a Romantic Getaway

20 Moroccan Riads for a Romantic Getaway - Pinterest

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