The Most Beautiful City in Ukraine – Lviv

most beautiful city in Ukraine

Lviv is the most beautiful city in Ukraine. European spirit, youthful look, and multilayered history intertwine here. The city is also a very important cultural centre in the country. There are direct flights to Lviv from many European cities, including low-cost options. All these, make Lviv one of the best places to visit in Eastern Europe

What can you do in Lviv, the most beautiful city in Ukraine?

Well, you will need plenty of time. Start your day with a cup of coffee in one of the cafes in the centre. And do not be surprised when while you wait for your espresso most of the men on the queue in front of you drink one cup of vodka on the go for a morning “rebound”. Apparently, it gives you the same kick like the coffee. 

TIP: Find the best coffee at Svyt Cavy where you can choose from 30 types.

the most beautiful city in Ukraine - Lviv

After getting your dose of caffeine, I recommend you to take a walk around the central part where depending on the season you may encounter various entertainment and holiday bazaars. The most interesting is the Christmas Bazaar where you will want to try mulled wine and varenykys.

TIP: Dress warmly, winter in Ukraine can put you on a test.

Make sure to visit the Lviv History Museum. It is interesting not only with its classical furniture and imperial splendour of the rooms but also with its collections of paintings, coins and watches. Sit back in the inner yard to feel how the time stops around you.

The whole central part of the city is listed in the list of World Heritage of UNESCO. Everywhere you turn, your eyes always fall on interesting and exciting views. Not only because of the architecture, but because of the people living in the city. It is interesting to observe young students sitting on the pavement and painting architectural details of the buildings and foreign tourists enjoying a warm drink in the cafe watching with eyes wide open everything that is happening around them and adult locals busy everyone with his own business in mind with their typical fur hats over their bright eyes.

The most iconic building is the Lviv Opera House. Its beauty and grandeur are strengthened by the fountain in front of it. Well, I would say that McDonald’s restaurant next door spoil the view a little but perhaps young readers will not agree with me.  

One thing to try, especially on cold winter days, is the Ukrainian borscht. Certainly, its look will shock you at the beginning. It is red like blood with sour cream and green dill floating in your plate. Give it a chance! Beetroot gives to this traditional Ukrainian dish strange colour, but the taste is intense and fragrant. To conform to every taste it can be prepared with any kind of meat.

Ukrainian borsch

A funny thing to do in Lviv is to climb the City Town  Hall tower. If you are not afraid of heights, you will need to pay less than a Euro to take the hundreds of stairs (less than 500). The building is right on the Market Square (Rynok Square) in the heart of Lviv. The tower clock was made in 1852 in Vienna and still works. 

Lviv is not only the most beautiful city in Ukraine but also offers a lot of interesting sightseeing activities. Indulge in coffee, chocolate, traditional food, visiting cathedrals and museums, and you will spend an unforgettable and very educative vacation in the Ukraine’s western capital. 


the most beautiful city in Ukraine



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  1. This city is waiting for your visit as well me….

    • I will be really delighted to visit Lviv again. Let’s hope for next year….! 🙂

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