14 Reasons why Paris will Always be the Most Romantic City in the World

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Common saying says that Paris is the most romantic city in the world. Is that true?

Some time ago, I was in the French capital on 14th February. The reason was my 40th anniversary. I wanted to be at a place that is both special and romantic, as it is the date of my birthday. You may think that a person born on Valentine’s Day is very romantic. On the contrary – I’m not one of these people that idealize love and easily share their feelings.  “Staged” showcase of love is not my thing and this is the reason why I don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day.


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And still, if there is one place on Earth that makes me feel more romantic that I am usually, this place is Paris. Being at that time of the year in Paris made me understand the fascination people have about it and why it is considered as the ‘city of love’. 


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1 – Patisseries

The French patisseries are places equally sensual as the famous cabarets. In Paris, you enter in any one of these pastry shops and immediately all your senses are conquered by the seductive scent of vanilla and caramel, pink and red colours and the sweetest flavours that cannot be explained but only tasted.


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2 – Parisian Bistros

All Parisian bistros have something in common – they all have a very intimate atmosphere. Often the interior colours are arranged in red hues (the ‘love’ colour) and the street tables set for two. Their cosy ambience invites you and induces you to surrender to sweet pleasure like fine cuisine and good French wine.  


the most romantic city in the world -eiffel tower

3 – Eiffel Towel

The Eiffel Tower is the main landmark of Paris but also the most elegant construction in the world. There is a reason why this 100-years old lady attracts couples in love and newlyweds to its surroundings for photo shoots.   Isn’t it its metal body just like a bride dressed in a crinoline dress?


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4 – French Cuisine & Romantic Restaurants 

What do you know about French cuisine? Surely not enough! It is the world’s best and most sophisticated cuisine and there are places that serve dishes prepared as they were hundred years ago. What about romantic dinner at Le Procope, the oldest restaurant in Paris?


the most romantic city in the world -French breakfast

5 – French Breakfast

The days in Paris start with crispy croissants and mouth-melting pain aux raisins. The smell of freshly baked pastries at breakfast is one of the things that can make you jump out of your bed at early morning even on a grey February day. And what about enjoying these goodies with aromatic coffee served in the bed and shared with your loved one?


the most romantic city in the world -jazz

6 – Jazz on the Street

You find a romantic mood everywhere you go in Paris. It is in the colours, food but also on the streets. This street band playing jazz was making people stop, listen for a while, smile and continue on their way with something more than a good mood – they were feeling flawless and carefree, in love with themselves and the world around.


the most romantic city in the world - le Marais

7 – Small Streets

If there is one thing you should do in Paris it is to get lost in the small streets! In neighbourhoods like Le Marais, Latin Quartier and Montmartre you will always find small charming corners and cafes or boutique shops. They all have a special artistic feel and indisputable Paris appeal.


the most romantic city in the world - macaron

8 – Macarons

Don’t leave Paris without tasting some of these one-of-a-kind pastries! Macarons have been in Paris for centuries (since 1533 when Catherine de’ Medici married the French king and brought them with her from Italy). There is a large choice of tastes that correspond to a particular colour but all they taste like the sweetest kiss you will never forget. But you can do even more. 



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9 – Real Life or a Movie?

There are places in Paris that make you doubt if this is the real life or you are taking part in a movie. Often, when I walked in the city, streets like the one on the picture reminded me of the ‘Midnight in Paris’ movie.


the most romantic city in the world -Notre Dame de Paris

10 – Landmarks from Classic French Novels

Even if Paris is the most touristic city in Europe, it is also the place with the most distinguished landmarks on the continent. Walking around, you recognize famous spots that had been mentioned in the books of classic French authors. Notre Dame de Paris is only one of these places. 


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11 – Pairs

Even the terraces in Paris speak about love. Most often than not, you will see two chairs on the apartment balcony, facing each other, inviting any couple in love to sit and share their love. Don’t you imagine a couple sitting there looking each other in the eyes? In the cafes and restaurants, it is much more usual to see couples that it is in other countries. I can’t explain why but here it is less common to see only women or only men companies having a night out.


the most romantic city in the world at night

12 – Paris at Night

The city is entrancing during the day but when the sun sets becomes a magical place. All these lights and cosy restaurants, elegant people and happily chatting groups of friends … You will say that it is like everywhere. Well, not exactly. There is something sophisticated and artistic in all the settings in the City of Light. And there is so much to do in Paris at night!


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13 – Artistic Apartment Setting  

If you use a site like AirBnb and stay at a private apartment in the heart of the city, it is possible you find it very pleasing. We rented the one-room apartment of a filmmaker and artist and it is what we found – a place full of love stories and visual art. Our own private love nest for three days in Paris. 


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14 – Romanticism

Paris spoils you, spoils you with its lavish architecture and gold, artistic spirit and rich cuisine, elegance, and drama. How can you remain insensitive to its beauty and not fall in love again – with the city, with the beautiful world and awesome people around, and with the life itself? Be in love, stay in love!


Happy Day of the Love everyone 

xx Geri


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  1. Paris is magical for so many reasons, the streets, the food, the people, the architecture etc.. You have said it all.
    I don’t doubt that you’ve had a wonderful time with your compagnon.

  2. The most romantic city in the world is ……. Paris!!! Yes, for me this place is unique and the love is everywhere in the air ❤️
    Thank you, Geri, for this simpatic theme 🙂

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