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Moscow looks stunning; Moscow shines with hundreds and thousands of lamps, an uncountable number of Christmas trees and a lot of colourful crafts arranged beautifully in decorated stalls.

Christmas is yet to come in Russia but the New Year is already here and joyfully celebrated. New Year’s Eve is a very important holiday for all Russians. It is almost like the Christmas Eve – a family holiday when the table is covered with a lot of traditional meals and a lot of dancing and drinking takes place whole night.





Being at this period in Moscow is something that you will always remember. It is challenging and so much rewarding. While your body fights to adapt to the cold climate, your soul is in awe of all beauty and culture you encounter at every step. The city centre is like a winter wonderland despite the lack of snow and strict security measures.


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Moscow’s Red Square is one of the top places to celebrate New Year. The atmosphere is like nowhere else. The authenticity comes from the frozen Moscow River, the magnificent fireworks show over Kremlin, the Russian speech and music all around you, and even in the plenty drunk man, you see who nevertheless are somehow funny and cheerful.

The access to Red Square on New Year’s Eve was restricted this year. Like in many other places all around the world, the authorities were careful and didn’t allow too many people gathering at one place. This, however, didn’t prevent people in Moscow enjoying the holiday fully.


The central shopping centre GUM was decorated in such bountiful and magnificent way that it felt like entering fairytale, not mall. Even if the decoration was a little bit too much for my taste, it made me feel like a child – gigantic chocolate candies in colourful packaging were hanging over the hall, enormous tangerines were making them a company.


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The enormous Christmas tree that took place in the middle of the beautiful store was surrounded by glittering stalls selling shiny Christmas decoration elements. And the handsome Ded Moroz (Santa) was so tall and cheerful that all the girls (small and older ones equally) were waiting patiently to have a photo with him. Christmas & New Year’s time are magical here!!!


Red Square


Many Christmas markets (bazaars, as they call them here) can be found all over Moscow. The largest and most beautiful one is of course at the Red Square. Large choice of traditional and winter style matryoshka in various sizes, beautiful Russian scarves made 100% from wool can be found too. They are excellent for adding some authentic style to your outfit and keeping some practical and beautiful souvenir from your visit to Russia.





There is a countless number of Christmas trees all over the Russian capital. Some of them are plastic, artificial, but many are real and have the refreshing smell of pine resin. There are many people in fur coats and hats around you. It definitely adds some special atmosphere.

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My New Year’s Eve ended with the fireworks over Kremlin and Russian Gluhwine. The wishes are whispered and the hopes are at their places. Hope your night was also wonderful and full of love and joy!


New Year in Moscow


HAPPY NEW 2016!!!


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