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I know one of the most difficult parts of the travel is to pack properly – to minimize your luggage volume and weight while not compromising the comfort and your needs. This Norway packing list for solo female travellers to Norway contains exactly what I had with me for the two weeks travel in the Scandinavian country. You can adjust it for your needs and use it as an example. The weather in Norway is very changeable, especially if you travel from south to north or vice versa.


Norway Packing List for 2 Weeks

Solo Female Travel


Packing List Solo Travel Norway

Windproof and waterproof jacket


An essential item in your Norway packing list is the windproof and waterproof jacket. You will need it in Scandinavia during the summer months to keep you warm. The jacket is light, doesn’t take much space and protects you from the wind and light rain. Mine is North Face

As this is will be one of your main outfit pieces during the whole trip, chose carefully its colour when you buy it. Follow the rule of colour matching clothing (check rule #8) when preparing your clothing for the trip.

Women’s hiking shoes


Packing List Solo Travel Norway-shoes


During my first few days in Norway, I was thinking that I did mistake by taking with me these bulky shoes until … Until I hiked Preikestolen with them. Without stable mountain shoes, you CANNOT explore the wilderness of Norway. Well, you can but you risk ankle injuries. The choice is yours.

My shoes are Quechua but there are so many options for women’s hiking shoes out there. I believe you will find what is best for you without a problem. Invest in good shoes because they will serve you for a long time. 



Leather sneakers/ sandals


I chose to take with me leather sneakers instead of fabric ones because usually in Norway in June is raining. My sneakers are white but you might choose another colour like brown. Even if I was extremely lucky not to experience any rain (even in the statistically proven to be the rainiest city in Europe – Bergen) I felt more secure with these sneakers.


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You can also take a pair of sandals if you feel better with open shoes during warm days. I did not have one with me but I don’t think I would use them even if I had. The temperatures are not so high in summer in Norway to absolutely require sandals.



Polar suit shirt/jacket


An important part of my Norway packing list was occupied by items that will keep me warm and dry as I come from South and I’m not used to the colder climate. 

I had two polar fleece jackets in my backpack and used interchangeably. They are perfect for wearing under the rain & wind jacket when the temperatures drop down. Their best qualities are that they are not expensive to buy, are very light-weight and are super warm.



Waterproof hiking trouser with pockets


The waterproof hiking trouser is a very for when you go hiking. You can put some leggings underneath if the day is colder.



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Packing List Solo Travel Norway-backpack


I love my backpack. I love its orange colour but most of all its sturdy body and durable material. My backpack costs half of the internationally known brands for such equipment and still has their quality. It is produced by a Bulgarian company that I never heard of before I started looking to invest in a good value backpack. The name is Tashev Outdoors and you can check their backpacks and other products here.



Photo camera


The photo equipment will be different for everyone. For some of you will be just a nice iPhone with a good camera, for others (like me) a bulky, heavy Nikon is important because I want and need to do high-resolution photographs. Either way, make sure to have a photo equipment that you trust and makes acceptable quality photos because you don’t want to sorry for lost memories because of photo failures.

In the last years, mirrorless cameras become very popular because they have all features of standard DSLR camera but are smaller and weigh less – something so important for a backpacker. Either way, make sure to have a photo equipment that you trust and makes acceptable quality photos because you don’t want to sorry for lost memories because of photo failures.




When travelling solo, you should bring some first help medication. (Even better, get yourself a 120-piece First Aid Kit!) You can’t send your partner to the pharmacy in case of urgent need. Bring your usual medication (if you take such on a regular basis) and add some like Imodium, for fever reduction, cold remedy, vitamins and other similar.



4 t-shirts


In my case, I packed 4 t-shirts from my #WWTcollection, some in white and some in black. The cotton t-shirts and tops are very suitable for travel because the material is 100% natural, doesn’t make you sweat and easy to clean and relatively easy to dry. They also don’t take much space in your luggage especially if you use this rule.



1 pair of jeans


Packing List Solo Travel Norway-clothes


I am a jeans person. I’m not myself without my jeans. So, I wear jeans during my travels despite that many knowledgeable travel ladies speak against it. For a first time since my teenage years, I spent almost two weeks in one pair of jeans. I know, it sounds gruesome but it isn’t if you chose carefully your jeans.



The Best Travel Belt A Woman Can Wish For: Jelt Belt Review


First – they have to be of inelastic material so that they can keep their shape as long as possible.
Second – their colour should not be too clear. You understand why.

In case you feel your jeans start to be too ‘tired’ and you don’t have a chance to wash them, just iron them. This will give them a more polished look and they will feel better on your body.

1 dress


I took one dress that is absolutely casual, imitate denim and is loose. You can take whatever dress or tunic you want. The only thing important is to be comfortable and appropriate for the destination. Take also a pair of leggings or tights in case of cold weather or other circumstances that require such.

1 pair of shorts


These are good to wear at the moments when you rest in the hotel. Summer in Norway is not so hot to go out with whole summer outfit (at least for us; for Norwegians is totally fine).



1 pyjamas / if possible of three pieces/


My pyjamas for this type of destinations (understand – where is colder than in my home country) are of three pieces – long leggings, a t-shirt and a warm but light top with long sleeves.



3 pair of socks of varying thickness and length


You will need different socks for hiking, city exploring and even sleeping (it is always better to be prepared if you feel cold at night; you never know).

3 pair of panties


They should be of easy to dry material. Enough said.

1 or 2 bra


The best option is to take one for more sporty explorations like hiking and one (more elegant) for the usual city walks and travel between places. If you want to reduce the volume of your luggage (despite a bra doesn’t take that much space!) you can always one bra that is appropriate for both occasions.



1 tank top/camisole


This one you will need to wear under the t-shirts. Norway in summer is like late spring in rest of the Europe. You can always remove it, but better have it on your back if you don’t want to get sick.



1 scarf


A scarf is necessary for the early mornings when the sun is still not warming enough the air and even more handy for your air flight. The air in the planes is very often cold and the conditioning blowing above your head does not help.



1 small backpack 


You have to foresee a smaller bag (best backpack) that you will use during the days when you explore the places. It should be of a flexible material so that it can go inside your big backpack when necessary.

1 umbrella travel size


It is good to have a travel-size umbrella with you in Norway. At this time of the year it often rains, despite that I didn’t need to use it even once.

A hat


A hat that will keep your face away from the sun is an absolute must. The sun in Norway is very strong (despite that it doesn’t feel that way) and even I have heard that there is ozone hole there. So, protect your skin as much as possible (use a sunscreen every day).





The same goes for the sunglasses. It is not for your stylish look (well, it is indeed) but for the well-being of your eyesight. As we spend long hours outdoors when we travel, often the sunburnt and sore eyes are the results of our wanderings.



Leather jacket (light, body-fit shaped)


Packing List Solo Travel Norway-leather jacket


I have a favourite black leather jacket that is my best friend in spring and autumn. It is light-weight and body-shaped and feels like a second skin. That’s why I take it on my trips. It doesn’t take space and keeps me warm and dry in bad weather but also gives my outfit more stylish, less touristy look. Here are some style ideas for classic and chic black leather jackets you may want to consider.





Two weeks travel for a travel blogger is too long to travel without a computer. But I wanted to limit the weight of my backpack as much as possible. I don’t usually use a tablet but this time, it was very useful and helpful to have something that has a bigger screen than a smartphone and still is so small and sleek so it can be packed even in a small bag.


A book


Kindle or not Kindle, this is the question. I prefer the old-fashioned paper books that have a smell, can be touched, can be highlighted and can be given to a friend when finished.


For a solo trip to Norway, you will definitely need one book (no matter electronic or paper) because the travel within the country requires long hours of a commute between the cities and the free Wi-Fi in the trains doesn’t always work as there are many (countless) tunnels on the line.



Spare SD memory card for the camera + USB storage


You don’t want to lose all these postcard look-alike photos that you have made while visiting the fjords. Pack one spare memory card for your photo camera and USB storage where you can download your photographs at the end of each day. Backup backup backup is the secret.



Copies of your documents


This point of the Norway packing list is in fact very important for every trip. In order to always have your trip information and most important documents in you, even in times you had been robbed or lost the originals (everything can happen and you have to be prepared), print all the reservations, your detailed program and make copies of your passport, tickets (in my case it was the Interrail Train Pass for Norway) and your health insurance.



These were the main items in my backpack during my solo trip to Norway. I don’t find it necessary to mention small stuff like headphones (absolutely necessary for the long-distance travel) and another strictly private subject. You will figure them out for yourself. The final advice I can give you is to take time to think in detail about what you need to pack for the trip because Norway is expensive (it is said to be the most expensive destination in Europe) country and you will not like to need to buy some items there. And as I have said, travelling solo requires from you better organization because you can’t rely on someone else.


As a result of my packing strategy, the total weight of my backpack, including the heavy camera and bulky mountain shoes, was 9 kg. Can you do better? Share your tips for Norway packing list in the comments!



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5 Comments on “Norway Packing List for Solo Female Travellers

  1. I just discovered your blog and so far am really enjoying it! The only thing I’d suggest you maybe try is merino wool pieces over polyester or cotton. They’re easy to clean, wear well, and you can wear one piece for two weeks and it won’t smell. They are a travellers dream. I love all my pieces which I’ve gotten from multiple brands. Anyway, hope you’re still travelling well!

  2. Very nice list, Geri!

    Just one small “disagreement” with your list about the cotton t-shirts: they do feel better on the skin, but sweating in them and washing them is quite a pain… Instead, I’d prefer outdoor or sports t-shirts/shirts made of polyester: they’re thinner, lighter and take less time to dry than cotton 😉 And don’t get so smelly after one sweats in them.

    On the other hand, your collection does look amazing, so now I’m thorn apart 🙂

    I was wondering one thing: how do you keep your equipement dry? You didn’t mention a rain cover for your backpack or dry packs or anything, just wondering.


    • Well, the explanation is that I simply hate the word ‘polyester’. 🙂 For me, cotton is totally fine but this is a good thing to have different points of view. 🙂 About the rain cover, I had incredible luck to meet no rain during my trip. I just didn’t need one.

      • Yeah, I know what you mean – polyester sucks… but it still saves me on weight and fabrics tend to be softer now, so it’s a compromise I’m ok with. Another compromise is mixed fabric clothing, e.g. cotton with polyester or similar.

        Lucky you avoiding the rain! I did buy a rain cover recently for my large backpack, the cool thing is that it doubles as a cover whenever I check it in – I put it backwards to protect the straps and belts, so it’s really handy to have and I can only recommend having one.

        Btw, Tashev are a great choice and they’ve been there forever, but you only hear of them when you start searching for a good backpack 😉


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