Offroad Adventure with Land Rover in Bulgaria

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This wasn’t a usual family weekend. An offroad adventure with Land Rover is never ‘usual’, especially when shared with our friends from Land Rover Enthusiasts – Bulgaria.

This is not the typical post I write about – where to go, what to see… This is about family value, feel of belonging, social life and freedom seeking. This is about friendship and shared passion. And it is about one of the parts on the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast that is rustic and wild but also intriguing and easy to visit.
My family and the family of some of my closest friends are members of the club Land Rover Enthusiasts – Bulgaria. Gathered together by the passion of our husbands for a wild drive and powerful machines, the families (including the children) form a society of people who love nature and seek simple entertainment.

The Occasion

The occasion for this offroad adventure with Land Rover/s was the annual meeting of the club. It has been 10 years since the club was created and today has more than 60 members. The club meetings are quite amazing scenes: when gathering together the whole families, including the toddlers, arrive with fully equipped for offroad drive Land Rovers, prepared to camp in the wild, bringing food, water and everything else you need to settle in nature at least for few days. However, the most spectacular is the feel of fraternity they share.

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This Part of Bulgaria

To be honest, I didn’t visit this part of Bulgaria since I was a child. And thanks to this offroad adventure I could see it with different eyes, something that most of the tourists looking for sea and sand doesn’t have access to. Why? Well, because you need an offroad vehicle but also access to the strongly guarded region of the border next to Malko Tarnovo. It is a region where many illegal immigrants try to cross the border from Turkey to Bulgaria in an attempt to reach the Western parts of Europe. So, to drive around can be trouble making as you can be simply not allowed to enter the zone or constantly stopped for check up by Border Police.

In the region, you can find some easily accessible and still remote village like the small village of Kosti. Surprisingly we found a beautiful church and amazing wooden house, abandoned and crumbling house, but still very beautiful with its typical architecture.

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Camping/ definitely not Glamping!

You don’t need permission to go to the coast and enjoy the beach. The small town of Ahtopol has a beautiful, half-moon shaped beach that is relatively peaceful, far from the tourist crowds in Sunny Beach and Nessebar/Sozopol areas. My point is, if you prefer places with a peaceful environment where it is easier to feel close to the nature places like Ahtopol and Kavarna are your best bet in Bulgaria. On the hill next to the beach of Ahtopol you will find Camping Dolphin. As I pointed out in the paragraph title, it is not a place where you will find an even small particle of luxury. But the sea view, the very close access to a beach, and the community feel make it perfect place (at least for few days) where you can satisfy your Vitamin D needs.

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Shared adventure and shared passion – this is what makes people come and join the club. There is nothing better that making new discoveries and having a great time in the company of your family and friends. Isn’t it that the ultimate happiness?

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  1. Good adventure you did 🙂 Did you get up in mud up to your ears? :)) Or would this luck? 🙂

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