OLYMPUS Stylus 1 Product Review

Olympus Stylus 1 product review

With Olympus in Cuba

Let me begin by saying that thanks to OLYMPUS Bulgaria I can write this Olympus Stylus 1 product review. I was lucky to have this extremely funny to use photo camera during my trip. Thanks to the functions that this small photographic bijou is offering, many of my photos could show the real atmosphere of Cuba – so colourful and touching. 

Olympus Stylus 1 product review

8 Why’s this camera good for you:

1 – Olympus Stylus 1 is a compact camera that takes small space in your purse or travel luggage. Its light weight makes it even easier to transport and it becomes quickly your favorite tool for capturing the special moments of your life or travels.

2 – The lens cap is automatic, opening and closing when turning on or off your camera. In this way there is no danger of losing it as often happens with other photo cameras.

3 – It is easy to use. Despite the professional features, its menu is designed for simplicity and struggle-free use.

4 – This camera has is non-threatening to subjects. People do not feel observed and it is much pleasant for both photographer and photographed object to make a connection through the photos.

When photographed with Olympus Stylus 1, people do not feel observed because of its small size. And this gives an advantage to the photographer as it is easier to create a positive relationship with the object.

5 – There is no compromise with the quality of the photos and videos (as you can see in my blog post “Wandering the streets of Trinidad, Cuba: what to see, feel and listen to”) despite its compact design.

6 – Best for night shots. This compact camera surprises with stable focus and ridiculously successful night photos. The night mode is automated so you have just to find an appealing scene for your shot. The rest is done by the camera.

7 – The tilting screen gives opportunities for pictures that couldn’t be taken without. The screen can be moved with an angle of – upwards up to 80 degrees and downwards up to 50 degrees.

8 – Most enjoyable of all was the use of the Art filters. Below you can see the results of my experiments. The Scene mode was additionally helpful with its preset settings that made the photography process effortless and brisk.

Just 1 drawback that you have to bear in mind:

The camera has 10.7 fully retractable zoom which explains its sleek design. However, this limits the quality of the zoomed photos so if you want to have possibility to take far objects in your photos you probably should bring some additional photo equipment with you.

Art filters and effects

Olympus Stylus 1 gives you the opportunity to create almost endless photos stories and the art filters are an important part of the process. Here are some of my favourites with examples at the end of the post: 

Pop-art, Pin-Hole, Grainy Film, Soft Focus, Gentle Sepia, Key line, Portrait, Beauty face, Dramatic Tone

Photo frames

In the photo frames function, you can combine layouts with different filters and effects so that every photo looks different even if it is taken the same object.

Movie making

It is the first time I take short videos and I was surprised by the quality of the results. The camera behaved very steady and stably and despite my total absence of experience the musical videos of the Cuban bands became quite watchable. You can see the video further. 

As a conclusion, let’s say that Olympus Stylus 1 is the best friend for girls that don’t want to complicate their life and to enjoy their vacation by taking photos with ease and extravagance. I have enjoyed experimenting with this camera and you can see the results in my blog posts about Cuba. At the end, Cuba was the best place to use Olympus Stylus 1 and to show its incredible possibilities for creating artistic, vibrant photos that show the unique charm of this Caribbean country.

Olympus Stylus 1 -product review

Olympus Stylus 1-Pop-art filter - photos from Havana


Olympus Sylus 1-Grainy film effect, old American cars in Cuba photos

Grainy film

Olympus Stylus 1 -pin-hole effect-Cuba photos

Pin-hole effect

Olympus Stylus 1-Gentle Sepia-photos of American cars in Cuba

Gentle sepia

Olympus Stylus 1-effects-Photos of American cars in Cuba


Olympus Stylus 1-Key line filter-photos of American cars in Cuba

Key line

Olympus Stylus 1-Pin-hole effect Cuba photos


Olympus Stulys 1-Soft focus effect-Melia Varadero Cuba photos

Soft focus

Olympus Stylus 1-Dramatic tone effect-photos of Cuba

Dramatic tone effect

Olympus Stylus 1 review-Potrtrait

Portrait mode

Olympus Stylus 1 review-Potrtrait

Beauty face filter

Olympus Stylus 1-Dramatic tone effect-Cuba photos

Dramatic tone

Olympus Stylus 1-photo frames-Varadero Cuba

Photo frames

Olympus Stylus 1-photo frames-photos from Varadero

Photo frames

Olympus Stylus 1-Night shots-Melia Varadero Cuba

Night shots

Olympus Stylus 1-tilting screen

Tilting screen

The museum of chocolate, Havana, Cuba

Tilting screen

Did you use Olympus Stylus 1? What ‘s your opinion about it? 

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