Feeling miserable during long-haul flights? Here are 13 onboard travel tips to make you feel better


13 Onboard Travel Tips for Your Best Long Haul Flight

Visiting faraway destinations is an amazing way to discover the world and learn more about other places and cultures. But when it comes to boarding a long haul flight, it is always challenging to stay in a good physical shape and spend those endless hours in the plane with less suffer. These onboard travel tips will help you make your next flight better in many ways.

1 – During take-offs and landing, to prevent physical discomfort due to the changes in the altitude, it is better if you drink water, chew gum or breathe in and out deep. Breathing also helps for fighting anxiety.  

2 – Wear sunglasses or sleeping mask if you would like to get some sleep. In case you don’t have a sleeping mask, your sunglasses will make the wonder although they are not so comfortable as the mask.

3 – Probably the most important onboard tip that I can give you is to do everything to stay hydrated. For this, you can use Uppy!, the supplement specially designed to help you manage jet lag, stay hydrated and arrive ‘fresh as a cucumber’ at your destination!

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4 – Bring a scarf in your carryon bag. Because it is not possible always to control the air coming from above your head, it is annoying to not be able to protect yourself from the cold air sometimes coming from the airplane’s climatization system. A scarf will help you to cover yourself and to stay far from the cold.

5 – Use your phone’s headphones to isolate the surrounding noise. Even if you don’t want to listen to music, the headphones will muffle the noise and will allow you to sleep while not totally disconnecting with the environment.   

6 – Bring a jacket. Similarly to using scarf during the flight, you need to bring a jacket on the plane. You may not always need to use it but it is better to have it near for the cases when the cabin temperature is below what your body is comfortable with.

7- You need a book or something else to read. No matter if it is Kindle or paper book, you will need something to read because it is the best way to rest during a long flight. You can watch movies for hours, but at the end, your eyes, already suffering from the dry cabin air, will get tired of staring at the screen. Reading is a much gentle method to spend your time during a long-haul flight.

8 – Bring your own snack. This is my no.1 principle for healthy eating on road. It is well known that except few companies, the food offered in the airplanes is far from tasty and nutritive. For this reason, always bring your own snack and stay as much as possible close to your usual diet.

9 – Care about your skin. Similarly to your eyes and throat, your skin will suffer from the recycled air. Take in your cabin luggage some beauty products to clean and refresh your face during the flight and before landing.

10 – To ease the discomfort caused the dryness in the throat, use ginger or other herbal-based candies. This dryness, as well the dryness in the eyes, is caused by the plane’s air conditioning.  More on cabin air here.

11 – Drink a lot of water during your flight. Bring an empty bottle that you can fill with water at the airport after the check-ups and before boarding in order to avoid paying the high costs of bottled water at the airports. Yet, for every case, inform yourself whether the tap water is good for drinking.

12 – Upon arrival, adjust to local time immediately; however, if your trip is shorter than 2 days, try staying at your home time.

13 – Make time pass faster with fun and learning. One funny way to do this is the Flyover Country app. This app will show you what place you are flying over instead of just guessing and uses cached data to pinpoint the details of your route. However, you should know that this GPS service can be used only from window seats and it is not designed only for planes but also can be used for road trips and hiking trails.



These are my tips for staying in a good shape during and after a long-haul flight. Maybe you have some other advice to share? I will be happy to read it in the comments below, thanks!

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