From April to April: My One-year Challenge for Health & Happiness

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Steps for Creating a Sustainable Well-being

This April, I am starting my one-year challenge for health and happiness. On the way, I will be sharing my progress (or failures) with you. It will be a real test to see how the travel will affect my good intentions.  

I hope, this way you can follow your own path for creating better lifestyle; a lifestyle that will make you feel better in your skin and reduce all the factors that cause you feel unhappy.

I am a person who has a relatively healthy lifestyle. I’m always careful about what I eat and try to get enough sleep.  However, like all other people, I have my sins. And this reflects on my physical and mental well-being.

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The most visual way to see the results of these “sins” is my skin. It’s my weak place. My skin shows me when I eat too much sugar, stayed too long at front of my computer or had too much sun. My skin is the radar that shows me when I went overboard. I suspect that things like sugar and coffee make my genetically sensitive skin even more sensitive. This challenge is an experiment to see if this is true.

The second problem I want to target with this challenge is connected with the (almost) constant pain I have in my back. Due to the endless sitting hours in front of my laptop, I don’t have enough exercise and don’t spend significant time outdoors.

one-year challenge for health and happiness

My third challenge is to stop the coffee. Yes, the coffee. For years, my day had started with a cup of good, strong, black coffee. And during the day, sometimes I had two or three more of these. One of the reasons I want to stop the coffee is that it adds an additional feel of stress to my already stressful life. The other reason is that I really feel “addicted” to coffee. I want to gain my freedom back. I know the good feel of this. Many years ago, I stopped smoking. It wasn’t easy but it was totally worth it. The feel that you don’t need a cigarette to feel better is an amazing revelation when you are finally cured of your dependence. Now, I have to face the coffee in the same way.

“Wellness is not a ‘medical fix’ but a way of living – a lifestyle sensitive and responsive to all the dimensions of body, mind, and spirit, an approach to life we each design to achieve our highest potential for well-being now and forever.” Greg Anderson

Please, understand me well. I am not planning to go too far. I believe in moderation. The elements I included in my challenge are very personal and targeting my problems. If you decide to do your own one-year challenge for health and happiness, analyze your own needs and create the elements of the challenge according to them, without taking extreme steps. Extremes are not good!

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So, what are the challenges I will face during this one year?

8 Elements of the One-year Challenge for Health and Happiness


1 Stop the coffee. Instead, I will be drinking green tea.

2 Stop consumption of sugar. Only fruits will be allowed, in moderate quantities.

3 Gluten free (I have a gluten intolerance).

4 From the dairy products, only yogurt and cottage cheese will be included in the diet.

one-year challenge for health


5 Short cycles of exercises will be part of my everyday life. I don’t have time to go to the gym and I’m doing these at home. My main challenge here will be to make these regular. No excuses anymore!

6 Yoga once a week – attending a class or alone at home, doesn’t matter. The point is to work on the flexibility and strength of my backbone.


7 I spend too much time working in front of my computer. It doesn’t help my well-being despite that it is a nice sense to have your work well done. Reducing screen time and increasing book reading time will be an important program of this challenge for me.

8 Meditation, why we don’t do it more often?! I have experienced the good results of meditation but don’t have the discipline to do it regularly. As a writer and person with a great imagination, my mind is always busy contemplating ideas and possibilities. To declutter our minds is to make a place for the sense of happiness.

one-year program for happiness and health

In addition to these eight points, I will try sleeping enough, even when I travel. Will do efforts to meet more often friends and go out and have a better social life. Blogging and writing are a little bit lonely jobs, and with the time a person gets comfortable in this way of life. But it shouldn’t! So, I promise myself to find time to be with people I love and respect more often.

What about you? What are the obstacles to your well-being? Are you a smoker or maybe your job is very stressful? Are you happy with your eating habits or maybe you need more time for yourself? I dare you to create your own one-year challenge for health and happiness! Make a list of the things you want to change your lifestyle and let’s do this journey together!

P.S. I hope my challenge and the experience that I will gain along the way, will help you with inspiration and ideas. I really want you to make everything possible to create a lifestyle that makes you happy but also keeps you healthy.

Take the challenge!

one year challenge for health and happiness


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