Save More Space With This Absolutely Easy Packing Tip


I remember many years ago when I started traveling and spending months away from home, my packing routine was a nightmare. After thinking and preparing for hours what I needed for long stay in Africa, at the end I was always surprised that everything actually fits into my luggage. If I knew these packing tips! One of them says that rolling not folding is the best way to save space.   

Now, many years later, I am really proud of myself. For my last long weekend spent with my girlfriends, I packed just a small backpack and my laptop bag. I couldn’t believe that! For those who still have long road to learn who to pack light and savvy is this new series. The idea of the Packing Master series is at the end of it each of you to feels like packing pro.

Will start with the ultimate packing tip for saving space and keeping your clothes better organized. 


– The first and most important reason is like that they take less space in your luggage. This may not reduce the weight but definitely will reduce the volume and size of your luggage.

– Second and not less important is that rolling doesn’t allow them to get wrinkled. In this way you solve two problems – you don’t need bring or find iron at place and don’t need to iron! Ironing is one of my undesirable activities so I’m happy if I can get rid of it!

It is easier to arrange them. I bet sometimes your luggage (same like mine) looks like a battle field. Well, rolling will help solving that and your luggage finally will look like a beautiful piece.  


-First, iron your clothes.

-Wait until they get cold.

Roll them. There are few ways – trousers fold in half (like on the picture) and then start rolling. Jackets fold like on the picture, then fold in two longwise and then roll it.



– Before rolling, turn the light colored clothes upside down. Like that you will prevent getting spots or other dirt of any kind during your trip.


-The other advantage of rolling your clothes is that you can make your roll to fit the place you have. Even if there are some rules (as the above mentioned) you can always be flexible and make your rolled clothes fit the size and shape of your luggage space.


Place the heavy bulky items (such as winter denim) at the bottom of the luggage and arrange the light, small items like scarf around them and at top of them.

What are the biggest problems you are facing when preparing your luggage? Share them in the comments and I will try to help you with advice.

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