• къде да отидем в южна африка

    Нелсприт – южноафриканският град с две имена

    Кацаме на малкото, красиво, новопостроено летище на Нелсприт; град, намиращ се в провинция Мпумаланга, недалеч от границата на Южна Африка с Мозамбик. Трафикът от туристи идващи всяка година заради Крюгер Парк, се увеличава и старото летище на градчето вече не върши работа. Дизайнът на новото летище изпълнява целта си. Едва слезнала от малкия самолет на компанията ЕърЛинк, и вече очите ми шарят наоколо широко отворени…

  • пътуване до Флам (1)

    ФЛАМ – Норвегия като от туристическа брошура

    Денят не започна добре. Натъпкахме се в тясното влакче с дървена ламперия и седалки, и веднага ми стана ясно, че  това не е моето място. Бях дошла в Норвегия, за да се „върна“ към себе си, да измина моя Камино или за каквото и друго известно поклонническо приключение се сещате. Флам бе едно от местата, които исках непременно да посетя…

  • Сардиния

    Момичешки бягства: Приключението Сардиния

    Ваканцията в Сардиния има своята предистория. Ето как едно запознанство може да те отведе незнайно къде, ако си отворен за света, хората и голямото непознато…

  • следобеден чай в Лондон

    Следобеден чай в двореца Кенсингтън

    Беше невероятно слънчев и мек ноемврийски ден в Лондон. Пътеките в Хайд Парк бяха изпълнени от хора, а ние с приятелката ми се бяхме насочили към другата страна на парка – към двореца Кенсингтън. Там е живяла принцеса Даяна, а в градините на двореца се сервира един от най-известните Лондонски следобедни чайове…

  • Източен Лондон пътуване

    Една жена в Източен Лондон

    Събуждам се от неистовото пищене, предизвикано от вдигането на външната щора на кафенето, разположено под малкия ми апартамент…

  • Seattle must see landmarks

    Seattle Must See Landmarks and Attractions

    Seattle, the city of Boeing and Microsoft, the Gold Rush and Starbucks, doesn’t sound as a destination that must be visited. Not to the international visitors anyway. We all dream about New York, Grand Canyon or Miami. But often the less-popular tourist destinations are the ones that surprise us. These Seattle must see landmarks and attractions prove that the city is an intriguing and diverse universe of activities where everyone will find something to enjoy and remember.

  • cheap travel destinaton-cover

    Stop Calling It Cheap Travel Destination! Here Is Why Visit Bulgaria

    If you have heard of Bulgaria before, there is a great possibility that the only thing you know about this Balkan gem is that it is a cheap travel destination. I even have friends who promote our country as a cheap destination and believe that this makes it justice for foreigners to visit. That’s a totally wrong way to make outsiders see and understand what Bulgaria truly is. Bulgaria is everything else but cheap. Here’s why.

  • russia-the ultimate christmas destination

    30 Reasons Why RUSSIA is the Ultimate Christmas Destination

    Well, I can give you a lot of reasons why Russia is the ultimate Christmas destination but I can also convince you with one word: UNBELIEVABLE!

  • accommodation in taormina-cover

    Your Affordable Luxury Accommodation in Taormina

    At first, Hotel Bel Soggiorno attracted me with its location and acceptable prices. But I have to be honest. What weighted the most, were the photos of historical-style interiors filled with old furniture and the unmistakable Mediterranean atmosphere of the terraces…

  • Riu Pravets Hotel review-Cover

    Riu Pravets Hotel Review

    This Riu Pravets hotel review does not have the purpose to convince you should stay in this hotel. My goal is to show you the atmosphere and the very special things that make this spa and golf resort in the Bulgarian countryside such a unique and wonderful place for a short vacation. 

  • Tanzania and Zanzibar travel tips - cover

    Tanzania and Zanzibar Travel Tips

    Tanzania is one of the most beautiful African countries. It combines everything – from the white beaches of Zanzibar, the beauty of the national parks Ngorongoro and Serengeti, through the mighty mountain Kilimanjaro to the unique mixture of local tribes amongst which the most significant one is the tribe of the Maasai people…

  • Sofia Ballet -cover

    Sofia Ballet Experience for the Culturе Travellers

    Sofia Ballet experience can be one of the most unexpected and certainly pleasant ways to discover the Bulgaria’s capital.

  • Why visit Cagliari-cover

    Why Visit Cagliari? 10 Reasons to Make You Go to Sardinia

    Why visit Cagliari in Sardinia? Well, you see … the thing is that all the good things you know and love about Italy, you will find here. But they are even better!

  • Visiting Mumbai-cover

    Visiting Mumbai and Its Fantastic and Surprising Nightlife

    Mumbai is probably not the first place you would think of visiting in India. But it is worth visiting mostly because of its powerful and yet diverse lifestyle and sightseeing choices. Imagine yourself visiting markets and temples during the day, and at night testing the tempting choices of meals and drinks, bars and eateries, mixing with the young people of India…

  • 7 reasons to visit Colombia

    7 Reasons to Visit Colombia

    If you have not planned your big trip for the year y, I recommend you consider Colombia, a country many say to be one of the most beautiful in all of South America. I hope these seven reasons to visit Colombia will be enough to convince you to take the trip. 

  • to travel to Australia-cover

    Why I Want So Badly to Travel to Australia

    I want to travel to Australia ever since I remember. There is no absolutely clear reason for that but many unclear ones. To me, Australia is a place I want to see for the first time but also it seems that I will be going back to a place I know already. Have you felt this way about any destination in the world? Do you believe that we ‘remember’ our past lives? I begin to have serious doubts that this is true.

  • Why Visit Montreal, One of the Best Cities of Canada?

    I always wanted to see Quebec province in winter. But why visit Montreal? It came out that there are plenty of reasons to spend at least a week in one of the best Canadian cities…

  • London not for first timers-female travel tips

    London for Not First-Timers

    Let say, you have been to London for several times. You have seen the obvious, well-known side of the city – its free entrance museums, the London Eye, the Queens’ Palace etc. But what you can do and see on your next trip to London? What else there is to be seen and experienced? What are the possibilities to explore London for not first-timers?