• Marrakesh-for-women-1

    Marrakech for Women – How to Make Your Trip Unique

    There is no more magical Moroccan city than Marrakech. No other place can compete with its voluptuous red and sophisticated atmosphere. But how you can make your trip to the imperial city remarkable and unforgettable? This Marrakech for women article will give you ideas for original and women-friendly activities to help you enjoy the city in its full potential…

  • Cape verde Islands travel tips

    Cape Verde Islands: Sal Travel Tips for Women

    Do you know that there is a Caribbean paradise just 5 hours flight from Europe? Cape Verde Islands have natural beauty and charm. And although it becomes more popular as a tourist destination, the islands remain still unspoilt….

  • mix and match travel outfits-cover

    Mix and Match Travel Wardrobe for Every Season

    Do you want to look fashionable without carrying voluminous and heavy luggage? I hear you saying: Yes! The secret of making this happen every single time when packing for another trip is to use the mix and match rule. It’s not difficult to create mix and match travel outfits. The only thing you need to do is to combine different items that are interchangeable as a style and colors.

  • wine Moldova

    Wine Lovers, This is Why You Need to Go to Moldova

    Why go to Moldova?! Moldova is the least visited country in Europe. And yet, there is one place that sparks international interest and looks like unreal. When I’ve heard for a first time about Cricova Winery, I couldn’t believe that such a sensational site exists so close to my home country, but I never knew about it!

  • one-year challenge for health-cover

    From April to April: My One-year Challenge for Health & Happiness

    This April, I am starting my one-year challenge for health and happiness. On the way, I will be sharing my progress (or failures) with you. It will be a real test to see how the travel will affect my good intentions. I hope, this way you can follow your own path for creating better lifestyle; a lifestyle that will make you feel better in your skin and reduce all the factors that cause you feel unhappy.

  • Sydney travel tips-cover

    6 Sydney Travel Tips to Experience It Like a Local

    These Sydney travel tips will help you to get to know the places and experiences the locals love and you will enjoy the city’s other sides. Tourist agencies will ever recommend you go there because they feel like the places and activities are not attractive and exotic enough, but they are an important part of the city, its culture, and its charm.

  • Maurutius is-cover

    Mauritius Is More Than Beaches and Luxury Hotels

    There are places on Earth that for the ordinary traveler seem impossible to reach either because they are not easily accessible or too expensive to travel to. Mauritius is one of these destinations that look almost unreal, as they exist in another physical dimension. Like many places that have given the meaning of the word “paradise”, Mauritius is the prototype of Heaven.

  • the best guest house in Nelspruit

    Is This the Best Guest House in Nelspruit, South Africa?

    We heard of Chez Vincent from a friend while we organized our New Year’s trip to South Africa. We needed to stay in Nelspruit for a night before going to a safari at one of the private game reserves in Kruger National Park. At that time I already suspected that this is the best guest house in Nelspruit.

  • Best hikes for female traveler-cover

    10 Best Hikes for Solo Female Travelers in the US

    Get your hiking shoes on because we have put together a collection of “Bucket List” of the best hikes for solo female travelers in the US. The hikes selected are within monitored National Parks which means that they are very safe, even when hiking alone…

  • Sri Lanka-cover

    Sri Lanka Travel Tips for Women

    Some tourists come to Sri Lanka to see wild elephants in their natural environment and others to visit the multiple temples…

  • monasteries around Sofia-cover

    10 Remarkable Bulgarian Monasteries around Sofia

    There are about 30 monasteries around Sofi; a visit to each of them combines both a lovely walk and a touch with the history.

  • less touirsty things to do in Paris -cover

    10 Less Touristy Things to Do in Paris

    On February 9th Air France celebrated the 20th anniversary of their hub at Paris-Charles de Gaulle airport. It is a good occasion to share some ideas how to escape the usual trap and see this much loved city in a different way – by exploring the less touristy things to do in Paris…

  • Cape Town Travel Guide for Women-cover

    Cape Town Travel Guide for Women

    The guides from this series are specially designed for women. They give practical information about all aspects of your travel, including specific topics like hygiene and safety…

  • bucket list-animal abuse-cover

    Is There Secret Animal Abuse Hiding In Your Travel Bucket List?

    Travel has its hidden evils. The tourism industry is getting sneakier at hiding animal abuse from us. They know that animal lovers would never knowingly pay for cruelty. Are any of these on your bucket list? It might be time for a re-write!

  • Travel Outfit ideas -cover

    How to Dress in African Style – 5 Travel Outfit Ideas

    Africa always has been a great inspiration for me. I use the unlimited color palette of this amazing continent for almost everything in my life – the interiors of my home, my clothing style, and even in my travel-inspired product line…

  • Cape Town South Africa

    What To Do in the Beautiful Cape Town South Africa

    The city, whose name is a reference point for the most southwestern point of the African continent, is like no other in the world. You can compare it only with mastodon megacities whose unique and important location transform them into adverbs; cities like Istanbul, Sydney or St. Petersburg…

  • books about Africa-cover

    8 Books that will Give you the Desire to Travel to Africa

    “I dreamed of Africa” is only one of the books that will make your desire to travel to Africa burn as an eternal fire…. Because once you step on this amazing continent, you will love it forever. Africa is the birth of the humanity but more importantly, it is still today the place where the people, at their will or not, live the simplest life.

  • hiking in Bulgaria-cover

    Out of the Beaten Path Hiking in Bulgaria

    Don’t get me wrong. I’m not a mountain junkie, hiking guru or adventure travel blogger. I’m a simple woman who likes culture travel and indulge in concerts, fashion, and other similar activities. But I went on an off-the-beaten-path hiking in Bulgaria, and I loved it!