• Paris passage - cover

    Paris Passages – the Hidden Treasures of the French Capital

    Perfect for hiding from the heat in August or the cold wind in November, these very special places will surprise you pleasantly with their Parisian charm and calm atmosphere. As opposition to the super crowded popular tourist spots in Paris, the passages are not only still unpopular among the tourists but also a little bit difficult to find…

  • ankle boots for women travellers

    Ankle Boots for Women Travellers

    Oh, my God! What is this fashion again?! Big, ugly platforms (not sure comfortable) to make us buy fashionable shoes which style will expire next year! Where are the classical, beautiful and comfortable boots with a new design approach?

    To answer these questions I did some research and it’s what I found. My personal favourites are the Caterpillar shoes.

  • Athitos-cover

    Visit ATHITOS in GREECE – Story in Photos

    Athitos or also called Afitos is a village on the westernmost peninsula of Halkidiki, which fascinates the traveler with the charm of a small provincial seaside town. It has preserved its individuality among the many new and updated tourist complexes. Being in Athytos, one feels that time slows down and begins to flow with the texture of thick, sweet honey.

  • Montmartre - cover

    What It Is to Visit Montmartre in Paris – Story in Photos

    Montmartre is the place with the most artistic Parisienne feel. Despite the many tourists that wander the streets around, the atmosphere of the old times when some (now) famous painters have lived and worked on the hill can be felt today. But if you listen to the Charles Aznavour’s song ‘La Boheme’, the bohemian spirit of Montmartre is long gone …

  • Greek moussaka recipe

    Greek Moussaka Recipe

    During the wonderful five days of female paradise that I spent with friends in Greece happened that I tasted Greek moussaka at three different places…

  • Shopska Salad Recipe variation - cover

    Shopska Salad with Mediterranean Twist

    I am a Bulgarian. And like all Bulgarians I love Shopska salad. It is the traditional and emblematic dish that no one other of the neighboring countries can claim to own it. The Balkan countries are mixture of similar culture due to their common historical past. This can be said about the cuisine as well.

  • Bandol-cover

    BANDOL – Cote d’Azur Charm & Paradise for Wealthy French Retirees

    The first time when I visited Bandol eleven years ago, I noticed the large number of well-maintained, elegant pensioners on the cafe terraces of the harbor…


    Sofia Free Activities for Travelers

    Bulgaria is an affordable destination by all means but you can save even more money by using these tips. These Sofia free activities are something you can do all year round and more importantly – where you will find many locals too…

  • Chambord castle-cover

    CHAMBORD CASTLE – Throwback in the Time of Charles Perrault’s Fairy Tales

    When I was a kid, my favorite fairytale was La Belle au bois dormant – “Sleeping Beauty” by Charles Perrault. I think the history did not matter so much to me as the environment presented in the story. An unreal, fantasy world, which was so far from my socialist real world. Years later, I found this unreal world in the real one – when I visited the Chambord Castle in France…

  • Moroccan mint tea-cover

    How to Make Moroccan Mint Tea at Home

    This is the recipe for traditional Moroccan mint tea that you can do at home. Its taste and aroma will bring you in Morocco and you will imagine yourselves…

  • Kasbah Tizimi hotel

    Kasbah Tizimi Hotel Review – See Sahara Desert in Morocco

    Why do people visit Morocco? One of the main reasons is to see the desert and to feel its enchantment. Sahara Desert brings a special charm and sadness which many of us can not resist. In this respect when visiting Morocco, whether self-organized or organized trip you will most likely visit Merzouga…

  • Brindisi

    Brindisi – the Ugliest City in Southern Italy (According to the Italians)

    Is really Brindisi the ugliest city in Southern Italy, as the Italians say? Let’s walk the streets of Brindisi together to see by ourselves!

  • Kasbah Zitoune cover
  • travel tips for casablanca airport

    Tips for Travelling Through Airport Mohammed V in Casablanca

    Everything in Morocco is happening slowly. As Moroccans say, “let’s do the things in Moroccan way”, i.e. – slowly and quietly, without a hurry. Thus, for the first time in my life, I’ve missed a flight (from Casablanca to Madrid) and had to buy another ticket for a later flight…

  • a day in the sahara desert-cover

    A Day in the Sahara Desert – Photo Reportage

    To spend a day in the Sahara Desert is one of the most unforgettable experiences one can have. 

  • Hassan II - Casablanca-Morocco-cover

    The Most Amazing Place to See in Casablanca

    It was the day of the Friday prayer. Hundreds of Muslims hurried to the largest mosque in Casablanca – Hassan II Mosque, called after the father of the current Moroccan King Mohammed VI. Built on the shore of the Atlantic Ocean, the mosque is a magnificent specimen of the Muslim art. It was constructed in 1993 and claims to be the largest in Morocco, and the seventh largest in the world…

  • Hotel Opera Munich_cover

    Hotel Opera – Your Personal Residence in Munich

    Staying in the lovely little Hotel Opera in Munich was a great part of the delightful time I’ve spent in this german city…