Pina Colada Cocktail Recipe

pina colada recipe

There is still time to enjoy those summer days (and nights!) when the best spent time is to lay on the beach, sweet talk with friends and sip from the cold, sweaty glass with pina colada. This drink is like a kiss that you will not forget for a long time.

I felt in love with this cocktail in Cuba and since then its sweet, creamy taste is what I think about when remembering the beautiful tropical country. You can order this cocktail in every bar in the country but one place where the bartenders mastered its preparation is the bar Palatino in Cienfuegos. This bar is favorite place for locals and tourists where they gather together to enjoy cocktails but also the sensual music played by a Cuban band. You will find it exactly at front of the Park Jose Marti in the city center.


The recipe here was given to me by our kind Cuban guide Gladys, lady with big heart and eyes full of laughter.


  • 45 ml Havana Club rum, 3 years old
  • 60 ml pineapple juice
  • 30 ml coconut cream
  • Crushed ice

Put all these ingredients in blender. Mix well and serve in a high goblet glass like on the pictures. Garnish it with pineapple if you wish.


Do you have favorite drink recipe that reminds you of a trip?

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