Pink-Orange Fashion Style Inspiration


When Woman Travels is a blog not just about travel destinations and tips, but also a place where we talk about style and female comfort and any kind of inspiration. This is because travelling is not a one-sided process. When a woman travels she takes with her everything that surrounds and excites her in the everyday life at home. She wants to feel good wherever she goes. 



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Recently someone told me that orange and pink colours doe not match. I can not disagree more!


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The secret of the colour combination is to take into account the undertones. If the orange is cold, duller, then the pink should be in the cold range too. But in most cases, these colours sparkle with brightness and warmth.



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Few people will have the courage to wear these outfits and fashion accessories but I think they would look great on many of you. Follow the pink-orange fashion style inspiration and be bold in mixing fabrics and colours.


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Photo: Accessorize


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Late Summer Style Outfit for Travelling Women




Photo: Tobi



Photo: Ralph Lauren


Do you have some incredibly good and unusual combinations that you like to wear?

Share them with us!




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