Investing in Quality Luggage is the Best Travel Choice You May Make

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One of the most important things that many people forget is that the luggage has to be really of good quality. If you want to have lighter luggage that resists to shocks and long-term use you should spend some money. It is the same principle for the shoes, buy Italian shoes and they will not only serve you a long time but also will provide you with comfort.

No matter if you are a backpacker or prefer spinners, there are very good options on the market that you can choose from.  are for spinners – they are light weight, provide a lot of space for your things, are very easy to maneuver (it helps a lot, especially at airports!) and are offered in beautiful colors.

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Few things to consider before buying your quality luggage:

  • Consider your traveling style – are you staying at camping sites and hostels or prefer more comfortable places like hotels and guest houses. How you travel – alone or with the family and how much space you need in your luggage. These are things that you have to take in mind, including your future travel plans.
  • Consider how you will store it (how much space you have at home) and how you will maintain it. One of the mistakes I did is to buy pearl-white luggage set. Don’t take me wrong – I love my spinners the way they are, but it is a battle for me after every trip to clean them and make them shine as they were before that trip.
  • Check the locking options and your personal preferences in terms of safety. Ask the seller for advises and check the warranty periods.
  • Look inside – do you like the organization of the space and is it what you are looking for? What about the material?
  • And of course, consider your budget. But don’t be too stingy! If you travel often, you are lady, try to be stylish and want to ease your travel, invest wisely in an item that will change your life. With my spinner I finally forgot those backaches from lifting heavy luggage and don’t need man’s help. It is such a relief not needing to beg for help a stranger!

Types of luggage that you may want to check:

  • Two-wheeled vs. four-wheeled (I recommend the second option)
  • Hard side vs. soft side luggage
  • Suitcase vs. duffel bag

Some of the top rated luggage brands are:

Samsonite, Eagle Creek, Brigs & Riley, Delsey, Tumi, Timberland

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What is your favorite luggage brand and why?

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