Riad Zayane Marrakech Hotel Review

Riad Zayane

When travelling to Morocco, sooner or later one comes to Marrakech.

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 It is like going to Rome and not seeing the Pope. Marrakech is the most cosmopolitan city of Morocco, combines history, Arabic architecture, and European culture, traditions and modern trends. City where life boils tirelessly and that surprises with its different faces of luxury, French chic, Moroccan lifestyle and Arabic familial traditions. 

  • Riad – a traditional Moroccan house or palace with an interior garden or courtyard

During our stay in Marrakech our home was Riad Zayane and if I come back to the Imperial City one day, will stay in Riad Zayane again. 


Riad Zayane is located in the old medina of Marrakech. The place is difficult to find unless you ask details from the guest house prior to your arrival. The house can be reached only on foot, so you have to carry your luggage and to leave your vehicle (if you have one) in the nearby parking lot. We made the mistake of underestimating the chaotic city and the labyrinth of small narrow streets in the medina.

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So we had to ask for help a young man killing the time by hanging out on the main street. He led us down small streets, many of them seemed deserted and at one point I decided that he tries to mislead us. Finally, we came to a door which look did not correspond to the beautiful pictures I had seen before booking a room at the guest house.

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But I felt a huge relief when a boy in uniform opened the door and smiled at us:

– Yes, welcome to the Riad Zayane!

Do not repeat our mistake and ask for directions. All-comfort and well-organised guest houses in the old medina are difficult to access because there is no vehicle traffic on the narrow streets of the old town.

Structure and Design:

The architecture of Riad Zayane is similar to all houses in Morocco – two floors with rooms overlooking the courtyard. The windows are oriented toward the inside, and those who have access to the streets are few, small sized and have bars.

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From the first glance, it is obvious that the interior and exterior of the guest house are decorated by a professional. The house was renovated in 2008 and the works were supervised by Valerie from www.bo-decoration.fr.  


Some of the objects have historical meaning, others are collected from Moroccan markets and are handmade by Berber women. Every furniture in the corners of the patio and every object in the rooms are specially selected to create a unique mix of Moroccan tradition and contemporary design.


The rooms’decoration is wisely chosen. When you put your feet at the doorstep, you can feel the atmosphere of comfort, relaxation, and luxury. In our room, with the refreshing name “Oasis”, the colours were warm and conducive to rest.

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Space was large and we had a seating area which was formed in the alcove on the balcony, decorated with beautifully carved wooden shutters. I loved to sit in this place! And since the Internet has available in the rooms, the soft sofa served me as a workplace. The bathroom was spacious enough and also painted in warm colours. Two soft bathrobes were waiting for us on the hook behind the door!


The restaurant is arranged in the courtyard just next to the tropical blue fountain. It consists of several tables that can be seen from all rooms’windows. The beautifully decorated tables are perfect for taking breakfast or having a romantic dinner. At morning time the place is illuminated by the sun and at night is lit by the dim light of the Moroccan lampshades.


The food is very tasty and light. Every day of the week you are served different menu. Breakfast is included in the price (at least our was) and dinner is upon request and it is paid extra. Three-course menu costs 20 euros per person. All meals are prepared on site. The kitchen is right next to the tables and you can see how the food is prepared.


I had never before felt at home in a hotel or guest house! The staff consists of three or four people. Two of them, a woman and a young man provide care for guests and are available all the time at the facility – she during the day, he was at night. They prepare and serve food, welcome the guests, arrange additional tours or anything else the guest may need. Very friendly and easy to communicate, these people will make you feel like you’re at home …. but in Marrakech.

Additional services:

The Riad Zayane offers an airport shuttle. Price for transfer round trip is 30 euros. Also, the staff can organise day trips for you. We used the option for a tour of Marrakech with a taxi, and we were very pleased with that. The taxi was old Mercedes (as most taxis in Morocco), but clean and well maintained, and the taxi driver was a nice guy who played the role of tour guide too. We could choose what we want to see and he guided us what is what and where it is located. Finally, we were very happy that we don’t need to drive in the terrible traffic of Marrakech.

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Have you been to Marrakech? Where did you stay? What it looked like? How it smelt? What did you eat and can’t forget?

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