Rome Travel Tips for First-time Visitors

Eli is an incredibly active young woman who, for the three years when she was my colleague at the university, and not only managed to accomplish her degree with outstanding results but also gave birth to two beautiful children. A working mother, a believer in a healthy, natural lifestyle and diet, she is also a curious traveler. Eli likes to travel and wants to see the world with her family but for now, she can’t travel as much as she wants because her children are still very young. Check her post with travel tips about how to spend a funny and stress-free vacation with your young kids. In this post, she shares her Rome travel tips for first-time visitors. 

Eli made a birthday surprise to her beloved man – a trip to Rome. Today on the blog we share her impressions of Rome, the eternal city, which though eternal is eternally changing. Maybe that’s why everyone sees it differently. As Eli returned recently from Rome, we hope that the information will be helpful for you if you plan to travel there in the near future.

I asked her several questions to gather the essence in few points. Here are her answers.

Rome travel tips for first-time visitors

Name the Most Interesting Places to Visit in Rome:

Navona Square and Four Rivers Fountain. Not accidentally, many consider it the most beautiful square in the world, because this large space is arranged with many architectural masterpieces.

The Vatican Museums. They are housing great historical, architectural and even scientific knowledge and are one of the most visited museums in the world. Raphael’s Rooms and the Sistine Chapel are remarkable examples of Renaissance architecture and the gallery of maps is a curious stop during the walk through these eleven museums.


Archbasilica of St. Jonh Lateran. This is the oldest from the four papal basilicas in Rome and in fact is the official seat of the Pope, the Bishop of Rome. If you wish to visit the St. Peter Vatican Cathedral, do it before you seeing St. Jonh Lateran, because after it opulence, St. Peter will not impress you much.


Circus Maximus. Nowadays the vast arena for chariot races, which accommodated 250 000 seated spectators, is a park located behind the Coliseum where are organized concerts of world famous bands and singers. However, walking in the park, one can get an idea of its enormous size and importance in the past because of grass-covered racing track and the central barrier that can still be seen. The good news is that reconstruction has begun and perhaps in the future, its visit will be even more interesting.


The Capitoline Wolf, a statue which depicts the mythical founders of Rome Romulus and Remus. It is located in the Capitoline Museums which are also the oldest public museums in the world. There is entrance fee that is worth paying because in these museums are exposed numerous masterpieces of art and architecture.

What Should Women Know Before Going to Rome?

  • Bring your umbrella, especially in spring and autumn. Weather in Rome is changing very quickly and often rains.  
  • In the current moment, in Rome, the biggest nuisances for tourists are the Indian hawkers. They are annoying and too numerous, you can’t get rid of them. If the woman is alone, they become more assertive and aggressive.


  • The handbag that you will use to wonder around Rome must be such that it can’t be “accessed” by pickpockets. If you don’t have such bag, at least keep your documents, money and other important things in a different pocket or jacket pocket, for example.


  • Bring several documents, because if you happen to lose or be stolen your passport, you will have another document to prove your identity.
  • Use a map of the city, because in Rome there is no easily accessible wi-fi connection and is an easy city to walk around, you can’t get lost.


  • Shopping. There is a large choice for shopping, from the expensive Italian fashion brands to the small boutiques. Most interesting are perhaps the souvenirs made of wood, glass and the ceramic wall clocks.
  • If you buy Roma-pass with which you can use public transport for three days, you can also visit the first two museums for free. Check the list of museums that are included in this option.


  • If you don’t want to look like a tourist, choose elegant clothes for your visit to Rome because the Italian women are very, very elegant and always with a perfect manicure.


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ROME for first-time visitors


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