30 Reasons Why RUSSIA is the Ultimate Christmas Destination

russia-the ultimate christmas destination


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Well, I can give you a lot of reasons why Russia is the ultimate Christmas destination but I can also convince you with one word:


Everything in Russia at this time of the year makes the country an amazingly beautiful and unknowingly intriguing Christmas destination. This applies mainly to the bigger cities but I guess even in the small countryside villages, Christmas is a pretty fun experience. Knowing the Russian’s love for everything winter and snow, Christmas and New Year are the two lavishly celebrated holidays in the year. And most importantly, for you as a foreigner, this will be an exploration in the much less-known and so unfamiliar setting. Russia in winter is simply THE fairytale Christmas destination. No need for much talk. Just look at the photos.


Moscow in Winter

Christmas destinations Europe

The cities in Russia, especially Moscow, look like places from a fairytale reality (meaning: bold Christmas decoration + grand statues from the Communist time). 


Christmas Markets in Moscow

Christmas in Moscow

Christmas markets in Moscow are incredible – with some unbelievable personages too.


The Iconic GUM for Christmas

Moscow GUM Christmas

The Grand Mall (aka GUM at Moscow’s Red Square) is extravagantly decorated with tons of garlands, Christmas postcards, hundreds of Christmas trees, and all kinds and sizes of candies in shiny packaging.


Hermitage Museum

Hermitage Russia Christmas

The Hermitage looks spectacular ever in a gloomy winter day …


Quirky and Unique Christmas Decorations

Christmas decoration Russia

I loved this Christmas decoration with posts cards as garlands. I have never seen similar before visiting Moscow. Have you seen something like this somewhere else?


Saint Petersburg in Winter

Saint Petersburg Russia Christmas

One awesome reason to travel to Russia for Christmas is visiting the ONE & ONLY Saint Petersburg.


Champagne for Breakfast? Why Not!

New Year celebration in Russia

If you are in Russia for the holidays at the end of the year, don’t be surprised if you are served champagne for breakfast on January 1st. And oh, yes, in Russia Christmas is coming after the New Year so it will not be your last glass of the sparkling elixir during your trip.


Russian Santa Claus

Russian Santa Claus Moscow

Russian Santa Claus is young, with a lavish coat and beard, and very tall! And yes, he is a favourite of the young ladies, not only the children.


Winter Comfort Travels – Russian Bullet Train

Sapsan train winter

What a nice way to travel between the two largest cities in Russia!

The Sapsan bullet train connects Moscow and Saint Petersburg and reaches speed up to 250 km/h. I honestly was surprised by the comfort and the excellent Wi-Fi connection on board.


Christmas Shopping in Russia

Christmas decoration in Russia

Shopping Christmas treasures in GUM Moscow


Russian Afternoon Tea – Best in Winter

Russian afternoon tea

One of the best local experiences you can have in Russia is the Russian afternoon tea. Drinking tea from a samovar, eating from the large choice of delicious meat pies and sweet cakes but also sitting among the locals and observing their traditions, is an incredible way to spend your afternoon!


Connect with the People!

private tour guide Saint Petersburg Russia

If it was not for this nice family I would never have a Russian afternoon tea experience!

This is the family of our tour guide in Saint Petersburg. We had a great day exploring the Catherine Palace and at the end I asked her:

– Where can a person have a real Russian afternoon tea here?

And you know what? She told me:

– I’m going just now to have tea time with my family in the best place in the city. Why not join us?

It is needless to say that we had the best time in our whole Russian trip. How important are the people we meet during our travels always amazes me in the same way I am always surprised to find good-hearted people wherever I go!


Nature is Beautiful in Winter Russia

winter Russia nature

My no. (13) reason why Russia is an amazing place to celebrate Christmas and New Year is its beautiful winter nature. This photo was taken in Tsarskoe Selo.


Russian Meals Made to Warm You Up

Russian borscht

Winter is the best time to try borscht and borscht is the best food for surviving the Russian winter. Delicious and nutritious, once you taste it you will forget its bloody look.


Red Square Winter Festivities

Red Square Moscow Christmas market

The festive atmosphere at Red Square.


Russian Souvenirs

Russian souvenirs

Where else you can find these original Christmas souvenirs?! You can have a piece of Russia every Christmas, even if you stay at home next year.


Whole Russia is a Magical Winterland

winter photos Russia

Magical winter land.

Inside is cosy and glamorous; outside – beautiful and chilly. This photo was taken from the Catherine’s Palace Golden Room.


Keep Warm by Visit Unique Russian Museums

must see in Moscow

If you want to see the amazing and unique Russian art you should go to the Tretyakov Gallery. I still don’t understand why some other museums that feature Western European art are more popular among foreign tourists! You travel to Russia to see the local culture, right?! Not the same things you can see in Paris or London.


Christmas Trees

Moscow for Christmas

You sort of feel the Christmas spirit at every corner in the grey Moscow because of the thousands Christmas trees all over the Russian capital.


Original Hotels

historical hotels in Moscow

Russia is the best ultimate Christmas destination for another reason too. There are hotels like this one that makes you feel like an aristocrat visiting the city.


Beautiful People

Russian people are beautiful

Russian people are beautiful… and elegant, and they know how to enjoy the holidays.


Russian Architecture

Russia Christmas trip tips

What a fine architecture! The Russian style may seem a little lavish and extravagant but how beautiful it is!


Orthodox Churches

Russian churches at Christmas

Orthodox churches & huge Christmas trees.


Gold & Amber

Palaces to visit in Saint Petersburg

This is the Golden Ballroom (and corridors) of the Catherine’s Palace in Tsarskoe Selo near Saint Petersburg. I could dance all night if they would let me.


Enjoy Winter Russia as a Child 

Christmas experience in Russia

What bliss! Crunchy snow under the feet, cold air pinches the cheeks, the sweetest sound of children playing on the frozen pond and an amazing Russian classic architecture all around! ❄


Glazed-Cakes Architecture

best churches to visit in St Petersburg Russia

This architecture! How come that (almost) all churches in Russia look like glazed cakes!


VIP Halls

train stations Moscow

It is difficult to believe that this is a railway station. This is the VIP-hall of one of the main stations in Moscow where starts the route of the Trans-Siberian railway line.


Palaces and Queens… and Walks in the Snow

Tsarskoe Selo Russia winter trip

Ah, these walks in the snow!


Empire-style Decorations

Winter Russia travel

Looks just like my home’s front door (almost).



travel to Russia for Christmas

I hope these photos helped you imagine yourself walking in the snow, exploring the palaces and art galleries, sipping fragrant Russian tea and tasting the delicious pies… Because Russia is the ultimate Christmas destination!



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  1. Whaaat! Russian Christmas looks like a fairytale! I can’t wait to try to survive the winter there with some borscht 😀

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