If You Want Peace and Quite – Go to Samothrace

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The summer is over but in South of Europe, the weather is still warm and pleasant. One of the best places to be in this season is Samothrace (also Samothraki) Island in Greece. As all of the Greek islands, it is beautiful and authentic. No need to mention the crystal-clear water of the Aegean Sea, not expensive accommodation and really calm and peaceful atmosphere. If you are exhausted by the Civilisation, this is your place. 

The Island of the Great Gods, as it is often named, Samothrace is beginning to open to international tourist in the recent years. I have visited it many years ago, in Spring, when we were maybe the only tourists that day. 

For you probably one of the most interesting sites will be the Sanctuary of the Great Gods, the Archaeological Museum, the three-aisled Early Christian basilica and the medieval castle of the Gateluzi family. To me, the most exciting part of our island tour was visiting the small villages inland, with their narrow streets, flower pots hanging over terraces and windows and clear blue view of sea and sky. 

It is easily accessible by ferry from Alexandroupolis.

Samothrace island Greece



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  1. Really like these photos! I did a five week camping trip travelling through the Cyclades islands a few years ago and loved it. One island in particular, Folegandros, was particularly cut-off and traditional and it was my favourite island because of that.

    • Ike, I really appreciate your comment. In contrast with you I like comfortable travelling and accommodation, but I agree with you about the beauty of these islands. Thank you for the tip – Folegandros looks amazing! 🙂

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