10+ Ways A Woman Can Save Money On Travelling

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We are all curious and want to know the world as much as possible. We would like to travel all the time and spend our time exploring new places, get acquainted with new people and forget about the routine and haste of everyday life.

Unfortunately, travel costs money, a lot of money. And everyone has his own formula for reducing costs and implementing travel plans within his own budget. Some people save on hotels by preferring staying in hostels, others do not eat in restaurants, others hitchhike…

The formula doesn’t matter. The most important thing is to make your dreams come true. In this sense, today I have selected a few ideas to make your dreams possible and the essence is to act according to the destination. Each city has its own rules and the best is to do what the locals do. They know the specifics of the place in which they live.



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Start your travel plans by choosing the right destination for your budget. A popular choice for budget travel is Southeast Asia, and Eastern Europe becomes the next best destination on the Old Continent because of its affordable prices and authentic experiences. 


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To understand how much you will spend on a trip, you can check what is the cost of living in the area. As often long stays cost much less and flexibility always pays back, you can run a research and combine your trips. 

Numeo.com gives you great opportunity to get an idea about the cost of living at a destination. You can also compare prices and chose more wisely where your next trip to be according to your budget.




In today’s globalized world, you can choose from a wide variety of options for accommodation. Starting from the old, proven practice to spend the night with friends/relatives (which in most cases is undoubtedly the best option, but not always possible) to exchange homes or care for a pet against a free stay. Below I have listed the most established sites that you can use to reduce your costs for accommodation when travelling. For the majority of them, will take time to connect with the owners of homes and be approved. So start the search for a place and organize your trip as early as possible.


 Home Swapping Sites 

Homeexchange.com   – This is one of the first if not the first site to exchange homes. Pioneered the concept of a ‘collaborative consumption’. It is important to clarify in advance all the details with the people with whom you will swap your home in order there are no surprises. In some cases, it is best to prepare a contract in writing between the two parties. In any case, try to create a good relationship with the other party because it is about your homes and home is something personal. The cost to register online for one year is $ 150.

Nightswapping.com  – This site also offers an exchange of homes for vacation purposes. You can list your own home (or vacation house or other property you own) and spend your vacation at the home of people who will use yours. The site offers 60,000 homes in 150 countries. Really impressive collection! For now, registration is free, only charges the guests $ 9.90 when exchanging homes is confirmed.


 House Sitting Opportunities 

Sites for house sitting have become very popular in recent years, and the people willing to take care of the homes of absent owners are many. The system works on the principle – you take care of the house and everything in it (pets, flowers, etc.) during the pre-agreed period. While you’re at their home, you have to comply with the pre-arranged conditions, and you can explore the region as you want. The peculiarity here is that because of too many candidates you have to structure your profile as you write a CV.


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By applying, you offer your skills to care for the home and your trustworthiness in carrying out your tasks is the secret of your success. Owners will choose you because of your personal qualities. So be attentive when you register and create your profile. It is the most important thing.

You can also add video and this will increase your chances of being selected as hosts will get a real idea of who you are and it will be easier for them to trust you.


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The following links are sites where you can register as a house sitter. Most of them require an annual fee, which on account of the money saved from hotel overnights is totally worth the investment.

Mind My House20 $ registration fee. 

Trusted House Sitters is a site suitable for pet lovers. You care for the pets of absent owners and stay at their home for free during the agreed period. You can choose between an annual fee, combined plan and quarterly plan when registering.

House Carers    –  55 $ annual fee

Luxury House Sitting   – 25 $ annual fee 


Stay In Local’s Place

AirBnb    most trusted site for renting homes. Their motto is “Welcome home” and it is exactly how you feel when staying in the local hosts’ place. In many cases, it is cheaper than to stay in a hotel and all cases offer you unique experience that you cannot get in a hotel. Usually, the hosts are very kind and helpful, happy to give you all information needed for your unforgettable stay in their city. You can choose to stay in private room, shared room or to occupy the entire place.

Home Stay  – “Don’t just stay. Live it.” The difference with the AirBnb is that in Home Stay you will live with your host and his/her family. This gives you unique opportunity to know better the local culture and to make friends with the locals easily.  When you book and your reservation is confirmed, 15 % deposit will be charged.


Family owned B&Bs

It is always better to stay in a family owned accommodation properties such as guest houses or small hotels. The prices are often more reasonable and the experiences more personal as the owners are in direct contacts with their clients and do their best to make them happy and satisfied.


Online Reservations Sites Newsletters

Hotels.com is a great option to save money while booking hotels and hostels around the world. By creating a profile and registering to their newsletter, you get access to secret prices and frequent deals. Each month they offer discounts as low as 40% or 50% of the price. But you have to act quickly because these don’t last long. Additionally, for every night booked via their site, you gain a point. When you collect 10 points, you are given 1 night for free. You just have to choose when to redeem your free nights. 


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Booking.com is the other of my preferred online reservation platforms. It is probably the site with the largest database of hotels, hostels and private apartments. 





– Stay in an accommodation with a kitchen. This will help you reduce your food costs and also will give you a chance to keep your usual healthy diet.

Eat what the locals eat. These are not only the most delicious meals but also the cheapest as they are part of the traditional diet of the people whose country you visit. 




– Check in advance what the cheaper supermarkets around your accommodation are. For example, in Amsterdam, one of the most affordable grocery stores are the Albert Heijn Supermarkets. 





– Decide in advance what you want to buy at the destination and how much you want to spend for it.

– Advice yourself on what shops locals prefer. This will give you a hint of places with better quality products at reasonable prices. 

– Inform yourselves about good local brands on cosmetics, fashion and hand-made jewellery. Most often than not, they provide great quality and unique appearance. In more affordable destinations these products are also very, very reasonable prices.





–  To gain full advantage of a destination, you have a choice of plenty free sightseeing activities. In almost every big city around the world, there is a Free Walking Tour that you can join for free or on what you decide it costs (i.e. if you decide to tip the guide). 

– There are free entrance museums in many cities, especially in Europe. London has the best free museums and Dublin is in second place on my list.


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– Alternatively, some museums and attractions if not always free, have free admission days. One of these is the Museum of Flight in Seattle. 

– Free attractions and activities like these 5 free of charge activities for travellers in Sofia





Check what are the transportation means that the locals use most. This will give you an idea about most affordable but also better-organized transportation around the destination. In Amsterdam, for example, the best way and the cheapest option for going around is the bicycling.




 Skyscanner.com  is not only air flight searching engine but also a good adviser on where and when to travel. Just enter your departure airport and as the desired destination enter: Everywhere. As dates, you can set Whole year. This will give you information about the cheapest flights to different destinations for a long period ahead. So you can plan and budget your travel more intelligently and even to surprise yourself with a destination that you didn’t think about before.


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– Low cost is not always low cost. Check well all the hidden costs that the low-cost companies are including to your ticket end price and compare it with the prices of non-low-cost companies. Sometimes you will be surprised that the “economical” flight companies are charging you more for worst service quality and less quantity of luggage than the traditional ones.  

– Work with a local travel agent that has a face, can be contacted easily and will take responsibility for your reservation problems or changes. Do not always use online sites for reservation but also check your possibilities with licensed professional.  




There are many ways to make your travel plans possible. It takes a lot of research, planning in advance and especially, flexibility, but it is possible. Don’t make compromises with your dreams. Compromise with quantity or quality, whatever is more important to you. But never ever trade off your craving travel desire for the easy excuse of lack of money. 



There is always a way. You just have to find yours!






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