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Sofia Ballet experience can be one of the most unexpected and certainly pleasant ways to discover the capital of Bulgaria.


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It always amazes me how ballet succeeds to tell a story without words. The performance that defines the meaning of “finesse” and “elegance” is transforming emotions and influencing people without a single word. For a person who tries to tell stories in the most common (and yet, probably most limited) way, using words, I am fascinated by each ballet show I visit. 


[tweet_box design=”default” float=”none”]“Ballet. What a word. It’s hard. It frustrates us. It hurts. It’s beautiful. It’s elegant. It’s worth our sweat, time, and pain. It’s what we love.”[/tweet_box]


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And yet, there is always room for more Wow moments. Moments that make you feel like a melting human shape, flowing down the velvet-lined chair. The National Opera and Ballet of Bulgaria made it again! I’m proud but also fascinated by the professionalism and skills of the dancers.


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It was not the first time I have watched a ballet or opera. I have been to the Milan La Scala too. But let me say it – I prefer watching these classic performances in Sofia, the Bulgarian capital.


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This is for several reasons:


  • It is a classic style theatre with circles and lodges, chairs lined with velvet in bold red colour. It feels cosy and the contact with the artists and what happens on the scene feels much more intimate.  


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  • It is much cheaper than performance in some of the other opera and ballet theatres in European capitals.
  • It is a classic style ballet. The beauty is still here. No bullshit modern performances with ugly brown-grey decors. And how it can be? The Bulgarian ballet school is closely connected with the Russian one.  



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The ballet I’ve visited before this post is The Lady of the Camellias. It is a classic adapted from the novel by Alexadre Dumas son, and the music is by my favourite Giuseppe Verdi, adapted for dance by the Russian composer Sergey Onsoff.


In this Sofia ballet experience, the most surprising for me were the magnificent decors that unfortunately I can’t show you because photos are not allowed during the show. They are designed with bold colours in red and violet and feature enormous camellias on a semi-transparent black net. The play with the lights makes this décor a surprising and amazing addition to the whole great performance.  


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If the décor is not very important to you, I’m sure you will love the costumes. The artists are covered with so many colours that are both classical and somewhat modern.


I’m not a profound ballet connoisseur but I know when a performance pleases me. So do you. I believe that you will be delighted by the movements of the prima ballerina full of finesse. When she dances, it looks like she hasn’t learned the choreography but as the movements come from her very core. It’s simply beautiful.


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One very special character in The Lady of the Camellias of the Sofia Ballet and Opera Theatre is the … Death, played by Matthew Whittle.  His performance was very convincing and yet somehow sympathetic.


The end of the show brought me to tears; something that hasn’t happen until now on a ballet. I don’t know if it was because of the storyline but it seems to me that it is more because of the well-directed end and the gripping music. It was an emotional end that stays in the memories.


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TIP: To make your experience even better, you can include a visit to the Viennese pastry shop you will find at the corner of Rakovska and Moskovska streets, just not far from the National Opera and Ballet building.


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*** All photos provided by the National Opera and Ballet, Sofia. 


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