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What do you think, how many people visit Sydney every year? The numbers are mind-blowing: more than 30 million tourists fly, sail, cycle, and drive to Sydney every year hoping they’ll experience as much of the city as possible. A great number of them will have similar experiences around the town: they will see Harbour Bridge, go and take a photo at the Sydney Opera House, visit Sydney Tower, Bondi Beach, Queen Victoria Building, and Royal Botanic Gardens. On the other hand, if you’d like to experience city’s less famous (but equally wonderful) sides, here are a few Sydney travel tips to help you do just that.

Take public transport

If you’re looking for a way to experience Sydney like a local, you should forget about rent-a-car and taxis and take public transport instead. You’ll be catching a fair bit of public transport while you stay there (it’s scorching hot in Australia), and the best way to get around is to get yourself an Opal Card. You can order it online before you get to Sydney, or you can get one once you actually get here. If you’re planning on exploring Sydney and surroundings, Sunday is the best day because you can take unlimited trips on public transport in Sydney and surrounds for only $2.50.
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Eat like a local

Sydney doesn’t have a traditional Australian cuisine or a ‘signature dish’ like some other countries and cultures do, but it’s a very multicultural city and we are proud to have some of the best produce in the world. Eating out in Sydney is a real treat, you can eat Thai, Italian, Greek, Japanese, Turkish, Indian, and Malaysian and that’s just to begin with. Great Thai food can be tasted at Boom Boom Thai in Panania, and finger-licking delicious Jamie’s Italian in the CBD. For those who are fans of a little bit posh (but not going bankrupt posh), Cafe Sydney is a place to visit.
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Visit Cronulla beach

Skip Bondi beach at least for a day and take a train to Cronulla instead. Locals love it, it’s a great chance to venture even further west and visit the wonderful Blue Mountains. The easiest way to get there is to catch the blue line from Central, Town Hall or Martin Place and hop off at Cronulla. You’ll soak in the sun and stroll down to the sand for a swim. There are plenty of great restaurants there as well so you don’t have to pack your own food unless you want to make a picnic.

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 Cronulla beach, source

Sleep like a boss

A fair warning: a bed in a good CBD hotel costs around $500 per night. If this isn’t expensive for you, try Four Seasons or even Shangri-La because these have amazing harbour views. If you’re on a tight budget, you can find a bunk in a backpacker hostel, which costs about $25 per night. On the other hand, if you’re trying to experience as much as possible, an amazing art hotel in Sydney offers you a chance to attend chocolate workshops and yoga on rooftops.

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Four Seasons Hotel, source

Sample Some Aussie Wine

You have probably had a chance to try some delicious Aussie wine (we export it all over the world), but it will never taste better (not to mention cost less) than when you buy it right here. For real wine-lovers, there are day-trip to the Hunter Valley, Wine Odyssey or Ananas because these offer a great selection of best wines.

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Aussie wine, source

Have a brunch

There isn’t anything more Sydney-like than having a Saturday mid-morning brunch at Bill’s in Darlinghurst. The tradition started 20 years ago, and today it’s the most fashionable meal of the day which you share with your friends at the large communal table.

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Bill’s, source

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Bill’s, source


These Sydney travel tips will help you to get to know the places and experiences the locals love and you will enjoy the city’s other sides. Tourist agencies will ever recommend you go there because they feel like the places and activities are not attractive and exotic enough, but they are an important part of the city, its culture, and its charm. Keep an open mind and a keen eye and you will discover things a few tourists ever did. 

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