russia-the ultimate christmas destination

Well, I can give you a lot of reasons why Russia is the ultimate Christmas destination but I can also convince you with one word: UNBELIEVABLE!

Christmas spirit around the world-cover

Traditional white Christmas is what we think of when December comes to Europe. But what “traditional Christmas” means to other people? Looks like that the Christmas spirit around the world has different look, shapes, glitter, smell, and taste …

christmas in the different countries-cover

Christmas time is one of the best times of the year. It allows families to unite again, even if it is just for few days. It is the time when …

Christmas in Vienna

Although my photos are from several years ago, Christmas in Vienna is every year the same – magical, rich in colors and full of aromas and tastes…


Why visit Schonbrunn Palace in Vienna in Christmas period? There are many reasons but the most important of all – to feel the magic again!

Vienna in December

  Christmas is a favourite holiday for most of us. Here are five reasons why one should go at least once in the Austrian capital Vienna in December. In many cases, after the first visit in the month of December, people return every year in Vienna. Why? Here’s why:   1 – THE CHRISTMAS, Read More