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One of the biggest concerns of women travelers is the comfort. It is important to feel well in order to enjoy fully your travel experience. Women travelers, however, are careful about their looks too…

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Many people are surprised that THERE IS a difference. And differences exist. The easiest way to see them is to look for the specially designed products for women travellers. But let’s be more specific.

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She is an engineer by education and writer by vocation. Her endless curiosity and passion for travel, together with the inimitable humor, are the essence of her books: “East in Eden”, “West of Paradise” and “Tutorial for deliberate murder of boredom”…

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Anticipation is the best part of every trip. I believe you will agree with me. The worst part /and I believe you will agree with this too/ is the time when we have to plan and prepare our luggage.

visiting Russia in winter

Visiting Russia in winter has its positive and negative sides. There is no doubt, and I believe you will agree with me, that Russia is one of those few countries that deserve special attention during winter months.

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To choose your clothes for a trip is already difficult for a woman (at least for me it is) but choosing clothes that dry easily… This is not an easy task! …


For those who still have long road to learn who to pack light and savvy is this new series. The goal of the Packing Master series is at the end of it each of you to feels like packing pro.

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“Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication.”- Leonardo da Vinci …


What you can learn from the Japanese women? It is one of the countries that can teach you the most!

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We are all curious and want to know the world as much as possible. Unfortunately, travel costs money, a lot of money… But hey, there are so many ways to save money on travel! Here are some of them…

In Marrakech as a woman

The city of Marrakesh has many faces.But if you want to see the real life of Marrakesh you should visit its beating heart – the Medina. As in every country, to know its culture you have to see how the simple people live. In the Medina you can observe their daily life, work, bargaining, selling the production of their own hands.

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Are women nomads by nature? Do they like nomadic lifestyle? I searched for an answer to my question and here is what I found about …