Chateau du Vau hotel reviw

Chateau du Vau is a small, rural hotel in France. It can be described also as a guest house born from one of the bourgeois houses inhabiting this part of the country…

accommodation in taormina-cover

At first, Hotel Bel Soggiorno attracted me with its location and acceptable prices. But I have to be honest. What weighted the most, were the photos of historical-style interiors filled with old furniture and the unmistakable Mediterranean atmosphere of the terraces…

Hilton Leningradskaya

I will never forget my stay in Hotel Hilton Leningradskaya in Moscow. Often I spend nights at places that don’t leave me with something special to remember. Hilton Lelingradskaya is not one of these places.

hotel saghro-cover

After a day spent in the desert, on the next one we were on the road to Ouarzazate. The route crosses the city of Tinehrir which looks completely uninteresting at first glance. However! On top of the hill we saw building with view to the entire valley – red dust, green palms (also covered with dust) and red cubes of clay houses. So we’ve decided to check the place.