London not for first timers-female travel tips

Let say, you have been to London for several times. You have seen the obvious, well-known side of the city – its free entrance museums, the London Eye, the Queens’ Palace etc. But what you can do and see on your next trip to London? What else there is to be seen and experienced? What are the possibilities to explore London for not first-timers?

Afternoon tea at kensington gardens-cover

It was an unbelievably sunny and soft November day in London. It looked like the well known rainy days in grey hues were stories from another life and …


As every curious person you probably try to see a place with different eyes, from different perspective. Here are few original ways to help you discover London, the busy, roaring capital, which is most probably the most varied city, in terms of human factor, megalopolis in Europe.


London is famous among other things, with its numerous free of charge museums. There are 45 museums (!!!) that you can visit for free, most of them are open 7 days a week, including public holidays…

visiting Sjerlock Holmes Museum in London

These pros and cons of visiting the Sherlock Holmes Museum in London will help you decide whether it is worth to spend your money there or not. After all, there are hundreds of museums you can choose from in the UK’s capital!