There is no more magical Moroccan city than Marrakech. No other place can compete with its voluptuous red and sophisticated atmosphere. But how you can make your trip to the imperial city remarkable and unforgettable? This Marrakech for women article will give you ideas for original and women-friendly activities to help you enjoy the city in its full potential…

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Morocco is popular destination for few reasons one of them being its unique sceneries and authentic culture. In such touristy environment, the unusual, less popular places become especially attractive.

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My heart stayed in Marrakech. My wish is one day to go back and to embrace again its imperial glory and oriental colors and aromas for at least one week. Because one-two days are not enough to dive deep and feel the real Marrakech – the city of kings and French movies stars…

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Marrakech is one of the places in Morocco with many faces and stories to tell. The medina is where the real life of ordinary people happens – colourful, noisy and even dusty.  In stark contrast are places like the El Bahia Palace.

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After a day spent in the desert, on the next one we were on the road to Ouarzazate. The route crosses the city of Tinehrir which looks completely uninteresting at first glance. However! On top of the hill we saw building with view to the entire valley – red dust, green palms (also covered with dust) and red cubes of clay houses. So we’ve decided to check the place.

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The city of Marrakesh has many faces.But if you want to see the real life of Marrakesh you should visit its beating heart – the Medina. As in every country, to know its culture you have to see how the simple people live. In the Medina you can observe their daily life, work, bargaining, selling the production of their own hands.

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Why do people visit Morocco? One of the main reasons is to see the desert and to feel its enchantment. Sahara Desert brings a special charm and sadness which many of us can not resist. In this respect when visiting Morocco, whether self-organized or organized trip you will most likely visit Merzouga…

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During our trip to Morocco, we have stayed in several hotels and guest houses and one of them was Kasbah Zitoune in Ouarzazate. In this way, we had the chance to experience the Moroccan hospitality.   I hope that this hotel review will give a good guideline for choosing an accommodation and will help, Read More

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To spend a day in the Sahara Desert is one of the most unforgettable experiences one can have. 

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It was the day of the Friday prayer. Hundreds of Muslims hurried to the largest mosque in Casablanca – Hassan II Mosque, called after the father of the current Moroccan King Mohammed VI. Built on the shore of the Atlantic Ocean, the mosque is a magnificent specimen of the Muslim art. It was constructed in 1993 and claims to be the largest in Morocco, and the seventh largest in the world…