To reach Fjaerland isn’t easy. The journey might take all day and requires a use of several modes of transport. But when, at the end of this long day, you finally arrive in the small village modestly occupying several hills in the valley of the largest glacier in Europe, your heart will stop beating. And you will ask yourself: “How can this place really exist?”

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Bulgarian seaside has much to offer to the eager for sand and sun tourist – beautiful beaches, historical towns, affordable prices and … large crowds in summer. This is especially true in the southern part of the coast line. But not in the North! Those who plan to visit Kavarna and its surroundings have a lot to gain.


I have been to Kavala few times before. But every time I was passing by without considering it enough interesting to stay for a while and visit its center. As some of you probably read in the past, I am not big fan of Greece. But it looks this is about to change.

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Morocco is popular destination for few reasons one of them being its unique sceneries and authentic culture. In such touristy environment, the unusual, less popular places become especially attractive.

Merry Cemetery -cover

During my four months stay in Romania the place I liked most was a … cemetery. I know, it sounds creepy and most of the time I avoid going to places that make me sad. But Merry Cemetery is neither sad nor creepy. It is in fact the happiest place I have ever seen in Europe!


The best trips are those that bring unexpected pleasure and discoveries. Discovering Cuneo was a real adventure and confirmed that …

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Bulgarian travel bloggers shared their special, less known places with you and I am sure you will feel touched by the uniqueness of the Bulgarian nature and culture.


France is a popular destination for travelers and Paris is even the most visited city in the world! But France is not only about its chic capital and French Riviera…