Packing List Solo Travel Norway-cover

I know one of the most difficult parts of the travel is to pack properly – to minimize your luggage volume and weight while not compromising the comfort and your needs. This packing list solo travel Norway post contains exactly what I had with me for the two weeks travel in the Scandinavian country…

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I’m not a backpack gal. Instead I use over sized purses for my travels. They are large enough to accommodate my Canon camera and all other items I may need for the day or the flight and still look enough good to make me feel stylish.


The art of packing is no difficult matter. With the time and right advises you find the best formula that works for you. Many ladies limit their cosmetic products while on the road and use just few basic products. Others, like me, can’t give up of their usual beauty routine…

packing list

Travel is wonderful but you need good preparation. Use packing lists for better organization and be ready on time for your adventures!

Packing tip #3-Pack easy to dry clothes-cover photo

To choose your clothes for a trip is already difficult for a woman (at least for me it is) but choosing clothes that dry easily… This is not an easy task! …


For those who still have long road to learn who to pack light and savvy is this new series. The goal of the Packing Master series is at the end of it each of you to feels like packing pro.