the best travel belt for women

To be honest, I didn’t expect much from this belt. When the company contacted me asking to try their product and write a review, I was curious to try it, but didn’t think that this will become my favourite and the best travel belt I ever had!

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Africa always has been a great inspiration for me. I use the unlimited color palette of this amazing continent for almost everything in my life – the interiors of my home, my clothing style, and even in my travel-inspired product line…

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One statement piece of jewelry can change the whole outfit. One of the world’s fashion icons – Coco Chanel, was an advocate of the simple elegance. But she had one rule – the jewelry should be one and should be bold!

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Some of the top fashion bloggers show us how to dress like ladies while exploring the world and enjoying the summer to the fullest.

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“Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication.”- Leonardo da Vinci …


Recently someone told me that orange and pink color does not match. I can not agree. The secret of the color combination is to take into account the under-tones.

The black leather jacket is your best friend for a trip in the spring. It will provide you comfort, will protect you from the weather changes and will not require any great care of you…

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Ten tricks to choose your travel wardrobe so that no unnecessary items find a place in your luggage.