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Compass, Anchor or Boat?

These tattoo designs for travel are the most common but for a reason. Simple and with clear meaning, they are beautiful in their simplicity. Of course, you can change their look but the symbolism behind each of these tattoo designs for travel will be always the same. Read more to understand what each of these forms means and click on the links if you want to try first the temporary tattoo options. 

Wanderlust is an uncurable sickness. I know that by experience. And you probably will agree with me that with the time it changes you as at all places you visit you learn something new. Sometimes the best souvenirs you keep from a destination or special experience is something that is beautiful (at least in your own eyes), embodies hidden for the others meaning that only you understand and is always with you – a tattoo.


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Well designed and well-made tattoo design can add charm to your personality. What is most important is that it really represents who you are; corresponds to your inner feeling about the world and yourself; something that you will never be tired of. Choose carefully your tattoo designs for travel! Be aware of its meaning and make it personalized by adding some special elements.

These are the most common travel inspired tattoo designs. Use them as they are or change them according to your vision.



Who doesn’t want to have the world in its … on its wrist? One of the best-looking tattoo designs for travel, this design should be carefully implemented. Too big or too colorful is not always the best choice. No need to have the world on your back (literally!) Make it unobtrusive but visual. Share your eternal wanderlust with the others!


<< But first, you can try the temporary world map tattoo >>


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Anchor tattoo designs for travel are very popular. This is one of the oldest symbols used in tattooing, probably as old as the seafaring!  The good thing is that there are different stylized designs, some of them being with a lot of details, others (like the one on the photo) quite simple. An anchor is not only a marine symbol but also represents Christianity. This symbolic comes from the time of the first Christians when they were persecuted and they found a way to disguise their belief by wearing anchor instead of a cross. 


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The four directions of the compass tattoo have special meaning. This is very powerful tattoo design for travel, especially if you place your compass in the appropriate (for you) direction. The different cultures have a different understanding of the four directions of the world. There are also different types of a compass: nautical, star, rose or prismatic compass.

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To me an airplane tattoo means freedom. It is the symbol of the opportunities we have living in this certain historical moment when we can reach every place on the planet within day or two, no matter how far or away from the civilization is.

tattoo designs for travel people

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Boat tattoo design for travel is, similarly to the airplane design, something that makes you think about faraway places, freedom to travel to distant points on the map and absolute sense of adventure.


boat tattoo designs for travel addicts

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Every tattoo inspired by travel may or may not look ‘travel-related’. You can choose to imprint the name of a favorite place on your skin (example: Paris), or color a traditional or popular element from a country you feel like home (example: Eifel tower). The designs above are just the most commonly used symbols. Use them as a starting point to design your own unique tattoo or go wild and take non-obvious elements as an inspiration.


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Do you have a travel tattoo? What it is and what it means to you?

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