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Trinidad is not my most favorite place in Cuba because it’s very touristic. But here I found the two things that I liked the most in the country – most beautiful girlish car and the most beautiful house which is in fact museum. As I have joked with my Cuban guide, now I can move to Cuba, I have all I need. 😉 The most beautiful museum in Cuba is the Romantic museum, located right at front of the beautiful Plaza Mayor.  Many people see it just like a beautiful house, which it is, and pass by without entering inside this jewelry box.  The history of this house is connected with the family of Jose Mariano Borell y Padron, one of the wealthiest people of Trinidad. He most probably built his home with money from slavery but this cannot diminish the building’s beauty.

What I liked about this museum is that in every corner, even now, you feel the female presence. You can find it in the beautifully set dining table, the colorеd crystal and the canopy over the bed. The walls are finely decorated and the furniture is rich with decorative details.

Why you should visit this museum? These are the reasons that make this place inevitable:

  • It is beautiful, so beautiful that your female eyes will be delighted at every step.
  • It is rich; you will not find anywhere else in Cuba such large exhibition showing the life of the rich European people during the colonial time.
  • It is beautiful architectural example with lively and bright colors.
  • The view from its balconies is probably the best you can get from Trinidad if you don’t want to put your life in danger.
  • The staff is friendly and happy to answer your questions.
  • Plaza Mayor, where the museum is located, is one of the Cuba’s UNESCO heritage sites.
  • It is museum but doesn’t feel like one. It is more like a house of rich people who left the place just for the weekend.




There is no way you miss this gorgeous facade while walking in Trinidad. It is well maintained, something that we cannot say for the rest of the historical Trinidad. Its warm colors are shining under the Caribbean sun. Brunet Palace (as it’s called also) is standing in the center of Trinidad as the only proof of that time of wealth when all the house furnishings where ordered from Europe.



The dining salon is welcoming you with its colors and beautifully set table. It is great place to start your tour.



The blue bedroom. Don’t you feel already like a princess? The wardrobe is specially ordered from France, made from French oak.


The house is full of finely made furniture with rich decoration but one of the best features of the museum is this extremely kind lady with a warm smile. She was so happy to satisfy my curiosity!





The huge living salon has corners for retreat. I almost can imagine one of the twelve daughters of the owner reading calmly here. 




People living in this house definitely had the best view of Trinidad. The numerous windows are giving nice perspective to the main square but also to the near Escabray Mountains.

Do you have favorite museums that you would like to visit again one day?

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