The Packing List That Will Save You Bunch of Time

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Packing lists are great! They are useful for not forgetting anything important that you will need during your trip and save you bunch of time of wondering and lingering. Packing lists can vary depending on the destination that you are going to visit, the season, the style of travel you are going to have. Do you travel to Paris or going on a sailing trip in the Mediterranean Sea? Those are totally different things and your packing list should reflect the WHERE and HOW of your trip. However, there is an ultimate packing list that every one of you can have and adapt depending on the situation. I use one for myself that reflects my travel style and adjust it with every trip.

Your travel packing list should include the basics:

  1. Documents (ID, passport, credit cards, driving license, travel insurance, trip itinerary, anything that you usually take with you)
  2. Gadgets (chargers, photo camera, additional memory card, tablet, etc.)
  3. Personal care (divide toiletries in five groups: skin, hair, body, teeth and nails)
  4. Seasonal (hat and sun glasses for summer, umbrella, gloves and hat for winter and anything else that is used in particular season)
  5. Entertainment (books, kindle reader, headset or anything else you usually use)
  6. Clothes and accessories (also divide in groups: casual, formal, night and outer wear; bath towel)
  7. Underwear (bra, undies, socks, tights, etc.)
  8. Shoes (for walking, for night out, business or formal occasions and slippers)
  9. Medication (your usual medication plus anything that may be needed for the destination or season)

Download the Packing List as a PDF file: 



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Once you’ve outlined the main points in your list, make some adjustments. You may wish to make it totally personal, i.e. include the name of your medication or cosmetic products, etc. Or you can create few versions of your personal list – depending on seasons, types of destinations, solo travel or with friends/family. Every trip is unique so your packing for the trip will be unique too.


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After checking and packing all, you can add something that is needed for this special trip or circumstances. It may be a gift for a friend that you will meet at the destination or any other unusual occasion.

There are different ways to use packing lists. You can:

–  download and print some from the Internet

– create your own ultimate packing list. This can be funny if you go wild and creative. /Imagine your packing list like a beautiful wall art!/  

–  download an app. There are many applications available on the net, both paid and free. Some of the best paid options are Packing Pro, Stylebook, Trip List and Things. For free lists you can use Springpad, Pack the Bag, Travel Checklist and Pack Point.  


One place where you can find many detailed and specially created packing lists for ladies is on Travel Fashion Blog. The founder of TFG Alexandra Jimenez has mastered the packing and has created online place where every woman in need of packing help may find it. Check her blog for more in-deep knowledge. I admit, for me this whole packing process is too boring and despite that I use packing lists I feel always frustrated. I wish I was better, like Alexandra.

This is about the packing lists. Make sure you have one before your next trip. The preparation will be waaaay easier and faster with it!

Do you use packing list? What do you think about the packing list apps? 

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