5 Tips for Camping for Female Travelers

tips for camping for female travelers
There are a few things you need to do for making sure your time outdoors is well spent. In this article on tips for camping for female travelers, we will highlight some of them.


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As a woman, you have a lot on your plate. You have to make sure that your family is well-fed, clean, and healthy and this is not an easy task. You probably have a day job and this brings about other challenges in that you have to make sure that you do your job properly if you want to pick a check at the end of the month.

Your days are, therefore, very hectic and this calls for you to find a way to unwind and blow off some steam and camping is just what the doctor ordered. A trip into the woods exposes you to the freshness that nature offers and this will definitely help you to relax and ensure that you are in the best possible condition to resume your duties at home and at work.

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1 – Pack properly for camping


Modern-day camping is not as it was ages ago when people would head to camp with nothing but the clothes on their backs and find everything that they need for survival in the woods.


how to camp as a woman -tips

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You probably won’t be hunting your meals when you are at camp and this means you have to carry enough food for the entire time you will be out there. You will also need a tent, a sleeping bag, and several blankets if you anticipate a cold night.


Utensils, fresh clothes, and an extra pair of camping shoes are required as well. To make sure you don’t forget anything, it’s better to have a packing list. This will make sure you don’t leave anything behind as you head to camp.


2 – Make proper showering arrangements


You will need to shower even when you are out there and this means you have to bring your showering supplies and find an intimacy-providing place. Most campsites have showers on site that you can use.


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Others, however, don’t have this provision and you will have to head to the nearest river for a shower. If this is the case, then you should make sure that you have a biodegradable shampoo that will make sure you don’t harm the natural environment that you are enjoying.



3 – Learn about poisonous plants and how to protect yourself from bugs 


Nature is beautiful and elegant but it also has a dark side to it in the form of poisonous plants and bugs. You need to protect yourself from these and you can do it by learning about what species you should avoid in the woods. 


how to protect yourself from bugs when camping

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Carry enough insect repellant to keep the bugs away but also anti-itch cream in case you enter in contact with poisonous plants.


4 – Make your camp animal-proof 


Bugs and poisonous plants are not the only things you have to protect yourself from, as there are animals to be wary. Wild animals can be dangerous and you want to make sure that they can’t get near you when you are out there camping.


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Keep your trash as far away as possible from your camp. The food remains you throw away attracts the wild animals. Most campsites usually have their trash sections far away from the campers and you should make sure that you dump all your waste at the designated dumpsites.

If for whatever reason you can’t get to the dumpsite, gather all your trash in a plastic bag and lock it away in your car. Wild animals will not be able to access it from there and this will keep them away from you.


5 – Enjoy yourself in the wild


Don’t forget to have fun when you are out there camping as this is the reason why you planned the trip in the first place. You will be heading back to your hectic life soon and if you don’t enjoy yourself when camping, you may end up with regrets. So, explore the woods. Take a dive in a river and swim from one end to another. Interact with the other campers at your campsite and make new friends.


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You should only use your tent for sleeping and sheltering when the weather gets rough. In the rest of the time, you should be out there enjoying the best that nature has to offer. Have long walks to clear your head and get on a trail to test your endurance.


How to camp as a woman – let’s wrap it up!


Camping is one of the best outdoor activities that will help you relax and unwind. As a woman, you usually have a lot of things going on and a camping trip every now and then will help you calm down. The most important tips for camping for female traveller are – keep away the wild animals, be prepared for the weather conditions, know what are the poisonous plants, bring with you the food and water you will need.

But most of all, take the time to take care of your nervous system and physical shape. They are both connected but if you live in a big city, you can go to the gym but can’t feel connected to Nature every day. So, breath deep and use the benefits of going in the wild. And if you need more tips on how to stay fit and healthy while travelling, follow the link. There are some great tips there you haven’t known before. 



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