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To choose your clothes for a trip is already difficult for a woman (at least for me it is) but choosing clothes that dry easily… This is not an easy task! No matter for how long you will travel, just for a weekend trip or few weeks round trip, you have to consider possibility of washing your clothes on the road. For that reason you should always try to pack easy to dry clothes and to have in mind the materials of which they are made.

So, what are the fabrics that are quick to dry?

Synthetic materials dry quickly; I know, I am not big lover of synthetics too, but sometimes you have to make a compromise.

Polyester is one of these synthetics that you can find easily in many items; check the percentage of polyester in your clothes.

Polar fleece is very good option for winter travel. It is much lighter than wool but it is warm like it, provides some insulation from water and wind and it is quickly drying.

Nylon – it’s the last choice you should make because in warm places you will feel like bug in a moist plastic bag…

Linen – super comfortable for summer, easy drying but also easy wrinkles.

Silk – this material is luxuriously pleasant to wear but also needs special care. Usually should be hand washed and put to dry flat. It is very quickly drying fabric so do not keep it under strong sun for long, otherwise the colors may fade.   

packing tip#3-Pack easy to dry clothes

The clothes in the shops are rarely made 100% from one material. Most of them are made with fabrics that combine different fibers. And this is the good news because the producers try to combine the benefits of all fabrics in order to diminish their bad features. That’s why it is difficult to find 100 % linen shirt but you don’t want too, because it will wrinkles at the moment you wear it. So, look at the clothing labels and pay attention to the percentage of the materials that I have listed above. If you have them in good portion in your clothing, it means your clothes will dry relatively quickly.

The great benefit of packing easy to dry clothes is the weight of your luggage. You can already make it lighter and better organized by using the ‘roll, don’t fold’ rule but with choosing easily drying items your task of packing light will be even easier.

Like that you will need fewer clothes because you will know that it is always possible to wash them and use them again and again, if necessary.

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