Why I Want So Badly to Travel to Australia

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Some of the Best Reasons to Visit Australia


I want to travel to Australia ever since I remember. There is no absolutely clear reason for that but many unclear ones. To me, Australia is a place I want to see for the first time but also it seems that I will be going back to a place I know already. Have you felt this way about any destination in the world? Do you believe that we ‘remember’ our past lives? I begin to have serious doubts that this is true.


For most people, they want to travel to Australia because of its vast beaches, wild beauty, and aboriginal culture. For me, it is the red dirt and the fascinating men and women living in Australia whose most remarkable feature (in my eyes) is their resilience.


These are my reasons why I want to travel to Australia. They may or may not accord with yours. But for one thing you will agree with me – Australia is a hell of a multilayered, vastly intriguing, and stunningly beautiful country to visit.






Jessica watson Australia


Jessica Watson


She was awarded the Order of Australia Medal at age of 17 and for a very good reason! At only 16, Jessica accomplished southern hemisphere solo circumnavigation, crossing three oceans. I remember the day she arrived in Sydney on May 15th 2010 with her Ella’s Pink Lady, and my thought was: “I could never do this! I will be scared to death, alone in the ocean for almost a year!” This is what I’m talking about Australian people.


They have a determination, passion and courage that make them not only survive in an inhospitable landscape but also go further and achieve things that some other nations will see like ‘unnecessary’ and ‘stupidly dangerous’. Follow Jessica Watson on her Facebook page.


QUESTION: What is the most frightening thing you dream about?



Travel Live Learn blog


Sarah and Connor


Sarah and Connor are friends of mine that live in London. These lovely Australians are the first people I met at my first TBEX conference in Stockholm. Their open-minded mentality and friendliness earn them friends all the time. What I like the most about this couple is their total lack of prejudices. That does not mean that they have no opinions. Believe me, they do. But they never judge a person because of its origins, religion or beliefs. They accept people for who they are and for their good sides. A skill so rare to find!


Check their travel blog Travel Live Learn to suck up the positive energy they emit through their written posts and videos.



QUESTION: Where are coming from the nicest people you’ve ever met?


Wandering Ozzie-1


Simmone Jade Mackinnon

[tweet_box design=”default” float=”none”]”No one is you….and that is your biggest power”- Dave Grohl[/tweet_box]


I took this quote from her Facebook page because it’s what speaks the most about her. She is an Australian actress and is best known for her role as Stevie Hall in the Australian TV series McLeod’s Daughters.


Simmone is a wandering soul and a free-spirited woman. Honestly, I can learn a lot from her about seemingly effortless but responsible attitude to life. She and her son travel around Australia with an Airstream trailer. On her FB page Wandering Ozzie she shares her life struggles and small wins, love happiness and some of the most stunning Australian sunsets I have seen!


Simmone is a strong and yet a compassionate woman, one good example of the many Australian women who have the strength to live their life as they want.



QUESTION: Do you like boho-chic style?



Why to travel to Austarlia-ayers-rock


Aboriginal people of Australia


The blackfellas, as they call themselves, and their culture and arts fascinate me like no other. The connection with land and nature, the simple but strong beliefs that rule the Aboriginal people’s lives for thousands of years are lessons that we, the ‘modern’ people, have to learn before the world swallow them in its greedy mouth. Over-production and over-consumption are the exact opposites of what the Aboriginal culture’s all about.  


READ: Things to Do in Alice Springs and Central Australia


The indigenous population of Australia is represented by many regional groups, speaking around 250 languages which hinder my intentions to learn more about them while travelling around Australia. Luckily, there are more and more art exhibitions and galleries, music performances, books and movies that showcase the Aboriginal culture from different angles.



QUESTION: Would you dare living for a month the life of an Australian Aboriginal?




There are two movies that set the roots of my interest in Australia. The first one is a movie about rugby (and I’m not a sporting fan!) and the second one was about the Outback. I was probably 12 years old, a sad girl whose father died not long ago. But for some reason, these two films made me happy, even if their plots were so far from my reality (Bulgaria in the 80’s). Unfortunately, I don’t remember the movies’ names. I will try to find them though. It will be like a meeting with old friends who helped me in a difficult moment.


(If you are reading this and have an idea of what these movies might be, please let me know!)



I love Australia movie because the plot is multilayered and each layer is a bold representation of what Australia is. Australia is about how Europeans struggle to survive in the Outback but also about the thousand year’s wisdom of the Aboriginal people. The movie shows Australia during the WWII but also the love of three, seemingly not related people. I just love every second of this movie even if it looks like a beautiful fiction world!



Maybe because it is a story of a woman who falls in love with the rugged side of Australia – the dry vast landscape and its Aboriginal people, but I find myself emotionally connected with this movie. I, for sure, have not the strength of the women who lived this kind of life in the frighteningly faraway places. The movie originated from a book published as a novel but in fact, follows the autobiographic experiences of the author Jeannie Gunn.  


I’m sure there are many other Australian movies that I will fell in love with. If you think of some, share them in the comments!



QUESTION: What’s the movie that changed your perception of the world forever?

Australian Outback



‘The Songlines’ gave me what I needed, a clear, understandable explanation of what the Aboriginal beliefs are. The author Bruce Chatwin follows a Russian-Australian who is the only one who can give him an access to the Aboriginals and their culture. This book, like the one I’m speaking about below, has been published in the 80s. I know that many things have changed since then, but for sure Australia is as beautiful and intriguing as almost thirty years ago.


‘The Tracks’ is also an autobiographical book, written by a woman. Robyn Davison was one the few (if any) women who crossed the Red Center from Alice Springs to the Indian Ocean. Crossing desolated places where only Aboriginal people can survive, she became one with her camels and the wild nature surrounding her during this 1,700 miles long journey. For us, this may be an absolutely impressive achievement but for her, it was a pilgrimage, a way she tried to find her true self in a struggling time.



QUESTION: What is the first book that made you dream about exploring the world?

Photo credit: Janeen



I have heard and have read so much about the ultimate Australian food – the Vegemite. I have no clue what’s its taste is. So, I have to get to know it as soon as my fееt step on Australian soil! 



QUESTION: What’s the strangest traditional food you have ever tasted?

Ambient lounge Australia-1



Several years ago, I stumble online into these sexy bean bags from the Ambient Lounge interior collection. I felt in love instantly. Can’t decide which one I like more – the seductive red leather Tivoli Lounger Bean Bags or the simpler but inviting Avatar Cinema bean bags.  Which one would you like to have at home?



QUESTION: Do you have a favourite brand just because it embodies the characteristics of a destination?

koalas-kangaroos-travel to Australia



You can see a kangaroo or hug a koala only in Australia!


(For the risk-lovers among you, the subject of snakes and spiders will be discussed in another blog post, I promise!)



QUESTION: Would you travel thousands of kilometres just to see an animal?




Not many words needed here. Views that take your breath away, a multiplicity of reliefs and colours… But Australia is an expensive tourist destination and you need a visa. regardless of how long you plan to stay.



QUESTION: Are the views the most memorable side of a trip?



My most favourite TV series have been McLeod’s Daughters. It is a sort of fairy tale about hard-working, intelligent, beautiful and lucky (or not) in love women. They live in the bush of Southern Australia, where every day they face difficulties of being a woman and managing a farm. I hope I will be able to visit ‘Drovers Run while in Australia!


As I am a big fan of architecture and interior design, I started watching Grand Designs Australia out of curiosity.  I didn’t expect though that this tv series will give me another look into the Australian society and way of life. The first episode was the amazing story of a man who lost his house in the Black Saturday bushfires in 2009 after living inside just for a week. Chris starts rebuilding his home again and not only this time makes it incombustible but also embeds his irreplicable style.


After this episode, came some others featuring refurbishing an amazing Queenslander home, building a church-style house and many more, all intriguing building projects. But there is one thing that connects all – the passion for creating something and staying strong under the pressure, without blaming someone else for the problems, are the virtues of Australian people I have seen in each of these episodes.



 QUESTION: Are there any TV series that make you dream about travel?




By John Peter Russell – tQHdrMa23Ukx5g at Google Cultural Institute, Public Domain 




Last February I was in London. John Russell was not a known name for me. But as about everything Australian, I was curious to see the Exhibition of Australian Impressionists shown for the first time in Europe. It was a short visit to the National Gallery but since then my list with favourite Australians has grown. I love John Russell’s paintings because they are unique. Painted in a recognisable French style but using unusual and bold colours. Reproduction of his Clearing in the Forest is now decorating one of the walls in my house. 


Aboriginal paintings

The simplicity of forms and boldness of colours are what makes aboriginal arts easily understandable and emotionally speaking. This is why I like Cuban art and this is why I find Australian Aboriginal art fascinating. No need for more words, just dive in my favourite source of inspiration Art.Ark



QUESTION: What is your favourite traditional art so far?



why to travel to Australia



I can add many more reasons that make me want to travel to Australia. The country is a continent after all! And as such, it is a constant discovery for those who want to know it better.

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  1. I’m also fascinated with the aboriginal people of Australia. First of all, the last family to make first contact with white Australians was in like 1970! That’s crazy to me that they were able to stay isolated for as long as they were into modern times. Also, Australia is notorious for its venemous animals and plants and all that scary nature stuff, yet aborigines thrived on the continent for millenia before anyone else got there. Truly amazing people!

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