Top 5 Russian Meals to Try

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Nourishing, Delicious and Original Russian Meals

One of the best ways to explore and understand the country you visit is to try the local cuisine. Depending on the climate, products and lifestyle, every place has different food savour and traditions. Definitely one of the best ways to understand the Russian people and way of life (especially in winter) is to try these 5 Russian meals. Every Russian meal makes sense when you experience the environment and will help you understand how Russians can stay so active during the usually lethargic winter months.   


1 – Blinis with Red Caviar


Blini with red caviar


The most typically Russian meal (in my opinion) is garnished with caviar. Russian people love caviar and fish. And blinis are pancakes that you can find garnished with cream, chocolate or everything else you can think of. Don’t know why caviar so popular in the country but it is definitely one of the favorite delicacies and blinis with caviar are one of the Russian meals everyone should try while visiting the country.


2 – Borsch


Russian meals Borsch


You can try borsch in different Eastern European countries (check my Ukrainian borsch recipe). It is a soup made of mixture of veggies and different types of meat. The sautéed vegetables and the use of bone-stock meat make this soup delicious and nourishing. While the most common borsch varieties are based on beetroot and cabbage, they are so many (almost endless) variations that can be made and the borsch can never taste the same everywhere!


3 – Pelmeni


Russian meals pelmeni


Melting in the mouth, yummy, stodgy food, the pelmeni are one of the most common meals in Russia. You will find them not only in the restaurants but also frozen in packets in the supermarkets. Of course, the best pelmeni that you will ever taste are the homemade ones.

These enjoyable meat dumplings are best if you visit Russia in winter and in addition to suitable for winter clothing will make your trip feel like winter fairy tale.


4 – Beef Stroganoff


Russian meals Beef Stroganoff


To be honest, first time I ever tasted Beef Stroganoff was in Russia. That’s why I cannot say if this world popular dish tastes better in Russia, the country where it originated. I just know that it is palatable because of the mixture between sour cream sauce and the tartness of the pickles. And unlike many other dishes with beef meat Beef Stroganoff is delicate and mellow.  


5 – ‘Herring Under The Winter Coat Salad’


Herring salad


The winter in Saint Petersburg is fiercer than in the capital Moscow, the north winds and the constant moisture in the air make your bones feel like a brittle glass sticks. It looks like your body shrinks trying to keep the little warmth. In such moments you understand why Russian food is so caloric! This salad has an unusual taste, especially because of the mixed herring and beet, but it is one of these typically Russian salads that are part of every feast. You may not like it, but you have to try it!  



Meat and sweet pies

Russian meals - pies


Russian cuisine can surprise you with a variety that you will never expect. My best arguments that support this statement are the pies. Ah, these Russian pies! They can be with meat, fish or cream, salty or sweet, crispy or spongy … And the best way to enjoy them is with Russian tea … Read more about where to find the perfect place for Russian afternoon tea in Saint Petersburg.  


Have you been to Russia? What were your favourite meals and did you learn how to cook some of them?


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  1. My favorite food in Russia has to be Salat Olivier – but selyodka pod shuboy is also very tasty!

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