How to Downsize Packing with Travel Cosmetic Containers


The art of packing is no difficult matter. With the time and right advises you find the best formula that works for you. Many ladies limit their cosmetic products while on the road and use just a few basic products.

Others, like me, can’t give up on their usual beauty routine. I need my shampoo, otherwise, my hair becomes a straw nest and if I don’t use my usual face products my skin becomes irritated. And most of the time I can’t use the hotel toiletries as my skin is sensitive. That’s why I use travel cosmetic containers to downsize and still have my favourite products with me while travelling the world. 




A long time ago, when I first started to travel, the excess luggage was no big deal. But now, more and more, the volume and weight are becoming an issue because of the additional expenses but also because of the comfort of easy travel.


While I like to keep my usual beauty routine when travelling, I am also always trying to find the best ways to keep my luggage within reasonable limits. I mean, never take items that you will not use. It is better to have additional cardigan if you don’t know what the weather conditions will be, but overpacking cosmetics is not a smart decision. For that reason, it is better to use travel cosmetic containers to pack your beauty products.


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There are significant choices of beauty products containers on the market now. Most of them are plastic, which is good things because they are easy to clean and don’t add weight to your luggage. Some companies like Sephora offer perfume capsules, spray bottles and different size of containers. But the choice, in my opinion, is still limited. They should work on increasing this products’ series.  Another option is Amazon, you can find much larger choices there.




You can also downsize your favourite cosmetic products by using empty travel cosmetic containers that you have at home. Small bottles, cream boxes or whatever small container or jar you have that can be re-used and re-filled and that fits the quantity you need during your trip can do the job.


The hotel toiletries have a perfect size and if you find good quality and refillable containers or bottles (like those that I kept from my trip to Cuba), keep and use them for your future trips. This is the cheapest option but it will probably take time to find the right container for your products.




Also, when preparing your packing list, make sure to think in advance about the proper packing container for all cosmetic products that you will take with you. As you know, the secret of stress-free travel is in the good planning.


How to Downsize Packing with Travel Cosmetic Containers



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