Travel in Couple: How to Deal with the Challenges

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Did you ever think about travel in a couple for a long period of time? Do you think that this can be challenging for both your personalities and the welfare of your couple?

To be in love is a wonderful thing. To find a person who shares your passion for travel is an amazing feeling. But to share common travel experiences for a long time can be really challenging. Arguments about choices of activities, restaurants and many other details can be troublemaking.

To understand if travel for long period of time is really that much challenging, I asked five adorable couples to answer the question:

What was the biggest challenge which you faced as a couple traveling together for a long time and how you overcame it?


I hope their answers will help you overcome the insecurity of whether it is a good idea to travel extensively with your loved one and make your travel plans clearer.


Travel in Couple: Paul & Karen


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Travel in couple-Paul & Karen


When we travelled for 18 months non-stop, the biggest challenge for us was staying in sync. For example, say if one of us wanted to see a museum and the other one was too tired from travelling all day what do we do? So we decided before setting off that if the situation arises, we would do our own thing. Funny enough it never did. We were always in sync and that was probably because we were together non-stop for 18 months!


Travel in Couple: Gemma & Craig


Two Scots Abroad


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Craig and I have been travelling together for 14 months. I’d say it’s been a successful long term travel trip – so much so we actually got hitched in Austin, Texas in March. However, travelling with your partner does bring some challenges, regardless of how well you get on. One of our biggest issues is *hanger*. Both of us suffer from an irritable disposition when all we really need is something to eat. The solution: research. We tend to avoid wandering the streets trying to find somewhere to eat if it’s close to dinner time, opting for taking note of recommendations from hosts or blogs before we go out on the hunt!


Travel in Couple: Casey & Dan


A Cruising Couple


Travel in couple-A Cruising Couple


No matter what they tell you, even the most picture-perfect couple will run into problems when they travel. While I’m a total advocate of the theory that a couple’s ability to travel well together is telling of their relationship’s future success, I also believe it’s completely natural to have a disagreement now and then, especially when you’ve been travelling for a long time.


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One of the only times tension runs high between Dan and me is when we don’t successfully implement our travel plans. We’ve learned to avoid disagreements by communicating well and splitting up the responsibilities to fall evenly on both our shoulders. This has gotten easier as we’ve learned each other’s strengths and weaknesses. Dan does best when he’s in charge of all the finances, and I prefer to take care of the majority of the reservations. We plan our itinerary together.

Splitting up the responsibilities has helped us avoid moments of a potential disaster like that time we showed up a day late for our flight to Mexico because we both thought the other person was taking care of the travel documents. Oops.

Did I mention we are still practicing?


Travel in Couple: Max & Oksana


Drink Tea & Travel


Travel in couple-Drink Tea Travel


For us, the biggest challenge has always been choosing what activities to do on the ground in a new city/country. I love spending days at local markets, trying local food, and getting involved in more cultural activities with locals. Max, on the other hand, is all about adventure. If there is a mountain in the city, he wants to climb it, if there is an off the beaten path trek, he’ll be on it, a chance to jump off the bridge, he’s first in line.


Capitals of Eastern Europe to Visit


Over the years, we’ve had to learn to compromise and to enjoy doing a bit of everything so that we each get our fair share of activities we love. He’s learned to enjoy markets (although he definitely has his limit on how long he’ll be happy to browse the stalls for) and I’ve had to work on my fitness level to be able to join him on long hikes and treks. At the end of the day, we love sharing these experiences with each other, so now it feels less like a compromise and more like our own unique way to explore each destination.



Travel in Couple: Christine & Jules


Don’t Forget to Move

travel in couple-don't forget to move


The biggest challenge we’ve faced as a couple during our travels has been the sheer amount of time we spend together. We started travelling very early on in our relationship because we met while volunteering in Peru. This meant getting to know each other in very close quarters really quickly and learning how to push each other’s buttons.


Four years later we’ve come a long way, but we still need to remember to take a day apart every once in a while for some breathing room. It feels a bit like losing a limb for the day, but having alone time is necessary to maintain a healthy relationship. Plus it gives you time to miss each other 🙂



It seems to me that, like in every other situation in life, love conquers all… Whether you travel in a couple for years or stay at home and have a stable life and career, love is the only thing that allows you to have a wonderful relationship, to make easily sacrifices and compromises and to build a world of love that belongs ONLY TO YOU TWO.


Happy travels, love birds, and hope your love will grow with the increase of places you see together!


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