How to Improve Your Travel Fashion Style With One Statement Jewelry

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4 Travel Fashion Style Ideas

I remember that one time when I was in the most romantic city in the world on my birthday (that happens to be on 14th of February) and walking around the Eiffel Tour. The day was beautiful and I was thinking that I should have been better prepared with my travel fashion style for this particular trip. It was a special occasion and I was in Paris! At that time I didn’t understand that it is possible to be stylish, feel comfortable and even keep your luggage volume to the desired limit at the same time. Now I know better. I know that one statement piece of jewellery can change the whole outfit. One of the world’s fashion icons – Coco Chanel, was an advocate of the simple elegance. But she had one rule – the jewellery should be one and should be bold!

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It isn’t easy to travel light and be a fashionable traveller. If you are like me, you probably try to downsize your luggage and improve your packing skills with every new trip. Reading this article and looking at the pictures below, you will understand that it is not necessary to limit yourself to only boredom-looking and imagination-lacking travel outfits. With one statement piece, you can create different looks for the different occasion during the same trip and thus to improve your personal travel fashion style.



This post features one of my favourite necklaces from Happiness Boutique. Although it looks heavy, it is very pleasant to wear and I can spend a whole day wandering around the streets of some of the amazingly beautiful European cities (I’m thinking about Bruges right now) and feel stylish and in a full comfort with myself, in resonance with the philosophy that Coco Chanel left us.  


For A Casual Day

Printed leggings and over-sized cardigan are the foundation pieces in this outfit. The golden slippers are an intriguing element but the bold necklace is the focal point of your outfit. Even a casual day outfit can look glamorous.


Leggings // Cardigan // Book // golden slippers

For A Casual Evening

For a casual evening travel fashion style, use Africa print trouser, you can add the Africa t-shirt from the WWT collection, shoes in a corresponding style and of course – the same statement necklace you have used during the day. Isn’t it wonderful to be able to change your travel fashion style according to your needs and look always fabulous?


t-shirt //  trouser // shoes

For A Business Day

In the days when you need to forget about leisure and should focus on work, you will never go wrong with the classic white-black combination. Add the Happiness Boutique statement piece and voila! You have become a fashionable business woman that no one is about to ignore. (How could they – high heels and this gorgeous bijou!)


For Night Out 

The classic small black dress + this dazzling necklace, that so much reminds me of our traditional Bulgarian costume pieces.


To get one of this gorgeous jewellery pieces, visit the lovely website of the Happiness Boutique. It is fashion brand from Berlin, Germany that not only designs beautiful vintage-inspired jewellery but also strive to make their boutique source of inspiration for positive and authentic women.



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