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‘Be stylish and travel more’

As a person who loves to travel but also who wants to know more about the different cultures, I was frustrated that we all consume trips and places the same way we consume fast food. Quickly and without having time to enjoy slowly and in deeper the places we see, the tastes that we experience; to understand the lives of the people we meet along the way. And isn’t it this the main reason why we travel?

I wanted us to remember. And so I decided that the places I’ve had the good fortune to visit are too beautiful and unique to remain only in my memories. My travel-inspired products were one way to make this happen.

For the t-shirts and other items in the #WWTcollection I have used photos I have taken in different parts of the world and tried to represent the most special features of the place. For example – the red colors of Morocco and the funny way the Japanese display food. There are many more designs to come as the whole world is my inspiration and my travel is just getting better and more intense. I can just hope that my products make people smile and inspire them to bring more adventure in their daily lives.

The stories behind the prints


Africa tshirt #WWTcollection travel inspired products

Africa is fascinating continent. The colors you will see there are colors that does not exists anywhere else. In north of Ethiopia is grey-brown hues that make the landscape dull but unique, in Morocco the soft orange and red colors make the country looks like land of mysteries, something that cannot be explained. The print design of this t-shirt is a collage of some of the most beautiful and remarkable places in north of Africa – for example Hasan II Mosque in Casablanca and Sahara Desert in Morocco.


Travel inspired products Japan for foodies #WWRcollection

The print on this t-shirt represents page of a menu in pastry shop in Osaka, Japan. The Japanese have funny ways to display food in restaurants. Each restaurant has a showcase at the street side where plastic replicas of the dishes are stacked. They reee-ally don’t look attractive and delicious but I guess this is part of the culture. The cakes menu in the little pastry shop in the Dotonbori neighborhood in Osaka was childishly colorful and fun. It was difficult to chose one cake to order as all of them where so deliciously presented with sketch.  And I can tell you, the Japanese are good not only in sea food specialties but they have mastered the pastry art as well!

MOROCCO Colors & landscapes that you cannot forget

Morocco travel inspired products #WWTcollection

As I have said before, the colors in Africa are unique but the colors of Morocco represent one whole colorful universe. From the colorful clothes and shoes that the people traditionally wear, through the magnificent rugs and carpets and to the warmth of the orange-red colors of the sand and soil in rural Morocco, there are no words that can describe the beauty of this country.  The best places you can see that make it impossible not to fell in love with Morocco are the oases. The photo used for this print was taken near the famous Ksar of Ait-Ben-Haddou.


Travel inspired tshirt Relax #WWTcollection

Relax-ed. It is exactly how this place makes you to feel. Aldea Taino is a reconstructed aboriginal village, near to Guama and Laguna de Tesoro. It is one of the 10 places you have to visit in Cuba. The only way to reach the village is with a boat from the crocodile farm in Guama. The reconstructed houses and the statues representing the long-lost indigenous people and their way of living make this place feel out of the time. During our visit we were the only visitors and the peace and quiet in the air and in the water around us made me want to stop the time and appreciate this moment.


Hvar island travel inspied gifts #WWTcollection

Hvar Island is the party-lovers paradise in Croatia. The whole summer in the main town of the island the beach bars and port restaurants are full of excited young foreigners who come here to have the best time of their lives. It is at least what they hope I guess. Out of the crowded party zones, the island is beautiful with its typical Dalmatian cobbled narrow streets, stone houses and opulence of flower pots on the windows.

The print on this t-shirt features the landmark of the island – Sucuraj lighthouse.


Cuban art travel inspired gift #WWTcollection

Another country abundant with colors is Cuba.

Cuban people have enormous cultural heritage coming from their African, European and American ancestors and this creates a blend that it is impossible to be compared with something else. It is very easy to recognize the Cuban art because of its naive style and typical Cuban lifestyle subjects. One of the amazing things about the Cuban people is the enormous amount of talents they have. Their passion for dancing and music is just the tip of the iceberg. Their passion for life despite the poverty and political oppression is transferred into the art they create. This t-shirt features photos of Cuban art taken in Cuba. I wanted to share this passionate art with everyone who didn’t have yet the chance to visit this unique country or who is in love with Cuba (like me). Because Cuba is a dream, and the Cuban art is just part of the dream.  


Wanderlust quote travel inspired gifts #WWTcollection

There is so much wisdom in this travel quote. People who want to live their lives in the fullest, to try as many as possible experiences and learn as much as possible new skills are those usually attracted (even addicted, allow me to say) to travelling.

The photo on this t-shirt was taken near Merzouga, Sahara Desert. It is a place with rare tranquil feel where the only disturbing presence is the constant gentle breeze that causes the sand to leaf on the ground like a light veil.


travel inspired gifts Amsterdam tshirt #WWcollection

Amsterdam is one of these European cities that make the continent what it is – a bubbling pot of cultures, lifestyles and pleasant destinations to travel. To explore the city is relatively easy because the best way to see Amsterdam is to walk around its famous canals. But something that totally amazed me was how the city changes with the coming of the night. The bicycles still stand propped in front of the houses and families gather in their open-window living rooms without trying to have privacy and sharing with the world their private lives. But the streets are different. Busy young people hurry to reach the Red District and all the tourists are gathering in the same indecently known part of the central Amsterdam. And yet, there is something clean and safe about wandering the streets of Amsterdam by night. And this is what I wanted to show with the print of my Amsterdam t-shirt.

Here are my 10 funny and a little bit quirky reasons why every woman should visit Amsterdam at least once in her life. 

The travel inspired products in the #WWTcollection are an attempt to share the best places with the people and to make them dream but also cherish every moment of their lives because the world is a beautiful place and every place worth visiting.


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